LAUNCH 15th July:
       Alinker Academy -
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Since years, the Alinker been a close partner of the Liquid Gym in Ottawa. LiquidGym Canada is a unique therapy centre that uses both water and land treatment protocols. They provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation to patients, including virtual care through their secure digital health platform. Since covid, they converted their facility to have online classes and training.

They are launching the Alinker Academy online! 


Every Wednesday, at 1pm EST on Instagram, @the_alinker_world goes live with @LiquidGym to do exercises and training and is a great space for you to ask questions and get suggestions on how to use the Alinker in ways you might not have thought about.
This video is a short sneak peak into the Alinker Academy that LiquidGym has been developing for the online classes. Contact
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Alinker Academy launches 15th July
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BE's reverse design, a little insight

The Alinker itself is the result of BE's reverse design thinking. Not a technical solution for a "body with a problem", but designed for who we are, as active and engaged human beings. As long as you focus on the "problems" with the body, you miss the fact that we are whole human beings. So we are a bit different, and this is how we look at the current state of the world, reflected in how we do business and use our business as a tool to build a world in which everybody is equally respected and can live to their full potential.

The current state of the world is overwhelmingly not that, and that is exactly it, we keep focusing on the problems. It overwhelms us and we feel powerless. But look around you. Who is benefiting from how the systems operate? Exactly, a handful of predominantly white men, who rake it exorbitant amounts of money, over the back of all of us. So, it is so important to understand that we cannot fix racism as long as these systems have power.  These systems need us to buy from them in order to exist. 

Our work is to understand where these systems thrive, and stop feeding them.  Everything is connected. 

Feeling powerless by the magnitude of all the "problems, keeps us apart and perpetuates the systems. In mobilizing around building an equal world together, we are very powerful. This is a time of mobilizing and standing for who we are. 

Understand what you represent by the colour of our skin, the system you support, where you are complicit to crimes against humanity, racism is a crime against humanity. Chose who you want to be in the world today and match your actions to support that.

Together we are better. 

The image is linked. So click for things you can do, actions you can take and support you can give, or share with your friends. 

We are a certified BCorp to show that our actions are congruent with what we say. 

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Keep sharing, keep moving! 

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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