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CBS Innovation Nation features the Alinker!

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On the 19th October you can see the Alinker  documentary on CBS Innovation Nation

Last summer, the CBS Innovation Nation team flew over to Toronto Canada to film BE Alink and the Alinker.

@jimlichtenstein (the producer) posted that day on Instagram this video with Alie Ward.
When I first saw @selmablair on her Alinker Walking Bike I knew I had to have @alieward go to Canada to talk to the inventor, BE Alink. BE is changing how those with limited mobility are getting around. We’re shooting it today (that was July 19th)!

See it this fall on @cbsinnovationtv !

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When we show up

The Alinker has a platform where people can do a campaign to raise for their Alinker. People are not asking for money, rather they are sharing their story with you, so you can get an idea what life might look like when we get a stroke, a diagnosis, an accident or symptoms no one understands. It might be a lot less safe as we like to think. 

In fact, once this happens, people are quickly driven into poverty, loosing job / income, friends, colleagues, housing...  support systems are failing. Yet the cost of living with aids, adjustments and medication bills increases. 

Often then, people have no means to afford the cost of a high quality custom bike. Insurances do not pay for the Alinker, as it is not a medical device. If we were to sell it through these medical channels, it would have to retail for at least double than what we sell it for. So we at the Alinker, want to make it as accessible and affordable and we created this way for people to share their stories. 

And for you to show up with generosity and help bridge people back to independence, agency, being active and engaged again and ultimately increase our overall wellbeing in our communities. 

Things can happen to all of us, in fact they happen to 20% of us, and if we make that a little safer together, it might be less daunting. 

65 campaigns have been successful so far, 65 people who could not afford and Alinker, got back up. 

This changes lives

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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