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Here are some random 10 minutes of our daily hour LIVE Instagram, something the #AlinkerFamily does every day at 1pm EST.


You can comment, and ask questions, engage

Since the #covid19 lockdown many people are at home and need to know that there is a community they are part of, a place to engage and hear different things than the numbing numbers.

This is a time to reach out and share (if it wasn't already)....

In these random 10 minutes we just 'ripped' from the screen after the LIVE,
Brandon LaVoie and
BE Alink talk about:
the Alinker Family Farm, no normal after #covid, Farm from a Box, SheEO, isolation,
food security, don't focus on the numbers - it's numbing.... 

It takes practice and determination
.....and it pays off

Often people see the Alinker video's and see themselves fly down the street. It is great that video's speak to the imagination of people, and, it is so important to realize that when you have lost a lot of muscle and mobility over a prolonged time, it will take time and effort to build it back up. 

So we like to share stories of people who share what it took to look so smooth on their Alinkers. 

Kevin shared with us:

"In addition to providing greatly enhanced mobility for a 73 year old individual who can’t walk very far due to back problems, the Alinker is an amazing exercise machine. It took me a month to get the hang of Alinking but today I went Alinking for 60 minutes with an average heart rate of 120 which is 80% of my estimated maximum heart rate! On flat surfaces I can glide almost like cross country skiing on wheels. Moving uphill requires more effort and strength. Moving downhill requires care in terms of keeping my feet in contact with ground with the brake on but near the bottom of the hill it’s fun to let go and glide!

During the Coronavirus pandemic the Alinker has proven to be an invaluable tool for exercise and getting rid of pandemic anxiety. It gets me out in the fresh air, gets the blood circulating and I always feel energized after I get home. In short  my Alinker greatly increases my walking range. It allows me to do things I otherwise couldn’t do. And it can be a serious aerobic workout. It took me a month to get used to Alinking. Finally everyone who sees my Alinker thinks it’s really cool!"

Bridging - Our Australian distributor 
Taking the Alinker across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Mark is our distributor for Australia
BE: - No Normal
By: BE Alink

'Through the past couple of weeks I feel this rage welling up,
a rage I did not realize was so present in me.
A rage I suspect many people have inside.
A rage suppressed by what was considered ‘normal’
before we received the covid blessing from the universe.

I hear you say:
Blessing?! People are dying,
how can you call that a blessing
I say:
People always died, many more than from covid
I hear you say:
We suffer from isolation,
I go crazy inside
I say:
Many people with disabilities always live in isolation
I hear you say:
I am asking my old neighbour if she needs groceries
I say:
Did you even know who your neighbour was?
I hear you say:
We need to focus on saving lives and create more ICU units
I say:
When can we accept that we die at a certain time, and that keeping people alive no matter what, is maybe our own fear of mortality?
I hear you say:
We lost our jobs, the government needs to pay us
I say:
The streets are filled with homeless / jobless people, you never seemed to care about
I hear you say:
Workers who are laid off should be paid compensation.
I say:
Have we challenged their CEO’s to share their millions before they send people to the government?
I hear you say:
The government should bail us out.
I say:
We should make the millionaires and billionaires share their wealth that they accumulated by not paying their taxes.
I hear you say:
The oil industry needs to stay alive
I say:
The billions that would save the oil industry could transition the filthy detrimental industry to a sustainable energy industry. Now is the time
I hear you say:
We thank our healthcare workers on the frontlines
I say:
Finally some awareness about the people we depend on in our society. Pay cleaners, nurses and teachers the same as managers and CEO’s….
I hear you say:
We have the right to be safe during this crisis
I say:
Most of the world lived in crisis for decades, what right do you have?
I hear you say:
I hope soon we’ll be back to normal
I say:

If you want to go back to normal, you lived in the privileges that were abusive to many others.
Your privileges and right to comfort were created over the back of many others.
There are no rights over the back of others, these are wrongs.
Normal was wrong.
Normal was a crisis.
We should never go back to normal'.
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- Selma Blair
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