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In this newsletter you will read about the effect of partnerships, our new product page, BE's hive about children of parents who live with chronic illnesses, and our ongoing commitment to a quality product, and your wellbeing! and Selma Blair posts about the Alinker and SHEEO. 

BE's hive

What you relate to your children, how children relate

Brandon lives with MS and CRPS, chronic illnesses that impact his life. He and Emily have 2 small boys, 2 and 4 years old. They live with the chronic illnesses too, as it affects their dad. Arthur is 4 and in the photo. 

Brandon's post on Instagram: 'He understands now. When he hears cries of pain he comes to me and asks “Is it your brain sick?” The first time he asked I just held him and cried. 

Arthur sees his father a little differently now. Harley Salteran Alinker user in the UK, who got this customized #brickrunner for his 25th birthday from his mum Vanessa, changed Arthurs paradigm forever. “Look dad! It’s a toy just like you” '

When this image was first posted onto Harley's page Arthur had seen it on my phone. All he could say is “I want that”. Being dad I thought he just wanted a new toy... not that he wanted the world to make more sense.

Thank you Harley.. thank you Mum. A little boy feels absolutely represented by this beautiful community. In all we do we challenge paradigms. His dad may be sick but now he is the coolest dad ever. Just like this cool toy

Read the rest of the post here

Taiwan and the manufacturing of Alinkers

This video shows the whole production process, what it takes behind the scenes to produce the Alinkers, involved and intense.

That is before the pandemic. Some of the impact and consequences of the pandemic are just becoming noticeable for customers, and as usual, we share with you, so you can follow what is happening on our end, the changes we have to deal with, and how it impacts you as our customer.  

The pandemic has caused an increase of demand for bicycles worldwide, which causes Taiwan manufacturers to be much busier than usual, causing shortages of bikes worldwide. Interesting article

Thanks to the great partnerships we have built over the years, we are still in production, be it with delays, but in the light of the whole situation, we are actually doing well. We understand though that you might not feel that way if you are waiting for an Alinker, especially one of the new models.  

When you order your Alinker in this time, you might have to wait a bit longer for your Alinker. Current delivery times for the USA, Medium 2-3 weeks Small 8-10 weeks, Canada Medium and Small 2-3 weeks. (New version see article below)

We honour your purchase and like to offer you our end of year package

FREE shipping and a FREE 6-month membership of the Alinker Academy.

Buy outright or do rent to own at 0%

Regardless of the situation in Taiwan, we have continued to develop new versions of the Alinker, to suit more people, including smaller adults, taller and smaller kids.  Have a look at the different versions... 

Each version shows the basic specs, inseam, capacity, and estimated availability, so you can select which version is for you. 

We are working to get the new product pages up, until that time, all the information is in the mock up below.  Only once these pages are up, people can place their orders for the HS, XS and XXS, we do not have a waiting list. 

Thank you for your patience. 


Once these smaller versions are produced, BE's attention will be full on to develop the Alinker with increased capacity up to 450 Lbs.
Selma Blair posted last week about the incredible community the Alinker is part of, an eco system of radically generous women who support women owned and lead ventures. The Alinker is one of the SHEEO ventures. Selma became an activator to boost women who work on the world's to do list, who use their businesses to have social and environmental impact instead of being companies that just focus on profits.  Get involved

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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