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Selected top 10 best invention

#sharethemicnow was launched after the murder of George Floyd as a way to amplify the voices of Black women. BE has been hosting some amazing talks already with Roxanne Murray, Suzanne Barr, Melissa James, Stephanie Thomas, Asya Valdez and MaryAnne Howland. Check out the recordings on our Instagram account

Join us next Thursday, 13th August at 1pm EST, with Dori Tunstall. 
Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall is a design anthropologist, researcher, academic leader, writer, and educator. She is the Dean of the Faculty of Design at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada and the first black Dean of a Faculty of Design anywhere.
Nederlandse / Dutch website is LIVE

Voor alle Nederlanders die ons volgen. Onze nieuwe website is helemaal in het Nederlands. 
Je kunt nu alles lezen en direct online bestellen. Je krijgt met aankoop van een Alinker in Augustus, een GRATIS 6-maanden lidmaatschap op de Alinker Academy. Je krijgt dan een code in de email die je krijgt na aankoop. 

Quick updates

COVID impact: The demand for bikes worldwide has gone up, so we are likely looking at longer production times in the future. The reason is tensions between China and the USA have caused a much increased demand on Taiwanese manufacturers in general, including the production of the Alinkers. The new Small Alinkers will arrive in USA early September. All the rest will still ship in 2-3 weeks. So for now we are still good, but shipping times might increase in the near future.

The Alinker Academy is now live and you can subscribe for CAD $50 to a 6-month membership, getting access to 20 hours. These are 40 different Alinker-specific classes with exercises, yoga, sports, stretching, strengthening, dancing and lots more. 

When you buy an Alinker in August, you get this membership FREE
QR code on Alinkers

New Alinkers will come with new decals. Alinker users are often approached by people who want to know more about this yellow bike. Alinker users regularly ask us for cards they can hand out to these curious souls. To save printing and for easy use, they can scan the QR code with their phone and immediately be directed to our website.  
Go to the QR scanner on your phone, scan the QR code. That simple. 

This is how it works 

The BE Hive

The "Right to Comfort" 

Why do we continue to support highly criminal systems of greed and extraction, knowing it abuses millions of people in its wake? How come we talk about systems change, but continue to perpetuate them? Here we go, some of my "Reverse Design" insights:

1/. We learn, and learning challenges us, it causes discomfort.

2/. Our human brain operates such that it creates a pattern from what we learn, so we do not need to relearn over and over.  

3/. Once we have these patterns, it creates comfort.

4/. We also create patterns when we learn negative stuff, our brains recognize it as learning.

5/. So when we learn white supremacy (i.e abuse of others), our brains create a pattern.

6/. Once we have that pattern, we like the comfort. 

7/. The comfort of the pattern often overrules the actual detriment of what we have learned. So we hold on to our comforts, even if it is bad for us or others.

8/. White supremacist capitalism has given us the 'right to comfort', and that is when we got really screwed, because now we have a righteousness around holding on to what screws us all.

9/. So if you want to change the world. Acknowledge what your comforts are and deconstruct your pattern.

"This is a time for straying, for losing one's way, for asking new questions. A sacred activism."

watch: Dear White People

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