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Collective campaign closed at $47,062 !!!
(click photo to see video)

The collective campaign in honour of Selma Blair, which we ran from November 2019 till 29th February 2020, has collected $47,062 to support the individual crowdfunding campaigns for people who want an Alinker to regain their independence and agency. What a blast!

Such amazing support came to this campaign. NUNUNU, AWE inspired jewelry, Mallinckrodt the makers of Acthar Gel and The Alinker all contributed large sums, and many individuals made generous donations as well. People showed up and the results are still unfolding.

Thank you to everybody who supported this incredible effort. 

In this video BE makes an announcement about her mum, and her contribution to the campaign.

During the running of this campaign, we announced new campaigns launching with $1000 per campaign to get them started. On the 29th February, already 28 campaigns had completed and another 5 are still live and would love you showing up for them.

At this point $39,609 from the collective campaign was forwarded to the campaigns, so currently (on the 1st March 2020) the balance is $7,453 to be allocated to new or running campaigns.

In the coming week we are announcing which new campaigns are going live, supported by this collective campaign. Watch for announcements and live IG on

Selma and BE called Stephanie, who was the 100th person to complete her campaign, and in the photo, Selma is signing a NUNUNU shirt for Stephanie as an extra present. , who happens to be an amazing artist, check out her work

Our distributors, a profile
This section in the newsletter is going to introduce you to our staff and distributors around the world. Why? Because they are people like you. They are Alinker users, people who understand what life is like before they found the Alinker, and live life with an Alinker.  

Carlo is our new distributor for Italy, and he shared this for you to read:

And then comes the PROBLEM.
When you least expect it or rather when he wants it and you still tried to ignore that something wrong was there and that in the end it wasn't even a real surprise.
Once you have finished complaining, crying (yes too), get pissed (a lot) and break the balls of those around, you find that the PROBLEM, if you want to go on, must go through a CHANGE and maybe then it turns into an OPPORTUNITY.

I am a manager of "reasonable success", a good career, beautiful companies, high level consultancy, many satisfactions. After fifty I decided to go back to consulting and created my own company.
An enviable family, a beautiful and smart wife (somebody say smarter than me ... and they are right), two beautiful daughters.
All right then?

Not exactly. Some disorder, neurological examinations, hospitalizations to understand what the problem is, quite alarming diagnosis.
 But actually there are no problems that can stop or slow down you, at least for the first four years. Then disorders increase, you start to stumble and limp, and when you are with a client it is not nice to fall on the ground ..., you get more and more tired to take trains and planes and above all at this point the worry increases. You slow down. Until you have to stop.

When you thought your life had come to a dead end, a gash opens. It turns out that neurological problems were an effect and not the cause as had been thought up to then and therefore with a "beautiful" operation on the spinal cord that is not exactly trivial, the cause that had been rare and complicated to find, is eliminated. And after five months in a couple of hospitals the damage remains, the walk is not exactly fluid, it requires sticks to support it, but I can say I'm lucky because it won't get worse and with a lot of effort maybe it will improve.

And this is where CHANGE comes into play.


If something like this happens to you, big or small, whether it's the PROBLEM physical or even professional, you can't deal with it by doing things as if nothing had happened. It can only generate nostalgia and disappointment for what is no longer as before or a sense of defeat for the need to downsize everything that is your life. You must try to find the strength to change, keeping good what you are and what you know, but trying to do something that allows you to find a meaning to what has happened to you and the satisfactions that will naturally follow.
And find the OPPORTUNITY, or maybe she finds you at this time if you're willing to listen.
Mine is called Alinker.

I discovered it by chance by searching the web and finding articles on Selma Blair, who decided to tell her story and how life can be bravely faced.
Alinker is much more than an exceptional product for those who need it, it is a different approach to disability, it is an innovation applied to make people who need it live better. Because often if you have mobility challenges, the result is that you tend to lock yourself in the house, not to go out except for a few meters around where you live, precluding many social and cultural occasions. This has a huge impact from a psychological point of view, loneliness and the consequent lack of stimuli are, after physical limitations, the first problem related to disability, an antechamber of depression that becomes an aggravating factor of any disease.

Alinker is therefore an opportunity to talk about disabilities in a positive way, it is also a "community", through the Socials, of which I have finally understood the usefulness, in which the "alinker family members" exchange comments and are excited to show their progress and if there is an event or even a race - yes because there are those who participate in races on an Alinker ... - they meet, they are happy, they still feel active, competitive, they laugh.
Thanks to this story, Alinker is now also in Italy.
I became the distributor, having created a Benefit Company with some friends. Using my skills I will do everything I can to make it a success for me and for all those who thanks to me will have the OPPORTUNITY to have it.

This is my story and I believe is worth sharing.

With Love. Carlo
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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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