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In this newsletter you will read about Luca after 6 weeks, our SPECIAL OFFER, BE's hive about radical generosity in the collective campaign. Join us when we go live on Sunday's at 3pm EST on The Alinker World

Luca's next activities - only week 6

BE Alink writes:
"I am in daily contact with Luca and his mum, and this week it has been hard to keep up with all the things that happen with Luca (10 years) and his mum Prue and little brother Ollie (5 years). More and more clear is the impact the Alinker has on the whole family, on his whole life.

So before the Alinker, Luca was practically immobile, sat or laid down whole days, had no joy in life, hated school, and his mum was a 24/7 caregiver. Half October Luca received the XS prototype, so Prue could see what it would do for him. It was her last hope of getting Luca to move again. With his walking frame his body collapsed and he was in too much pain to even go to the toilet. He was wearing diapers and hated school. Prue had to get him out of bed, wash and dress him, try to motivate him to do anything, which often resulted in Luca crying in defeat.

In the beginning I could not understand Luca, his voice weak and all muffled.

Now, on a call, when I pick up the phone I hear: "Hello BE, this is Luca". Then Prue in the background: "tell BE what happened this morning". Luca: "yeah well, we popped out of bed and had breakfast. By ourselves".

Prue took over and said: " it was amazing BE, I slept in till 10am, the boys had agreed I could do with some extra sleep, so they got up and let me sleep in!" Prue was quite emotional and said: " I feel so loved, that my boys understand that I can now have some time, without constant care for Luca".

Prue: " The Alinker has opened up his whole world. He went from being always on the side, or at home and feeling sad or frustrated, to being engaged, loving school and his friends, to snacking from the countertop in the kitchen, never mind swinging a cricket bat!!"

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Roxanne showing off her THIS! Alinker jeans. Roxanne is one of the 142 campaigners who completed her campaign supported by the radically generous Alinker community.

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Make your Alinker winter-ready

Many people think that they cannot use their Alinker during the winter, where in fact, if you dress up well, the Alinker is probably the safest thing to get outside with when the roads are slippery or covered with snow.
All you need to do is grease up the axels of the front wheels and you're good to go! Here is how.
Use white grease, bearing grease, bike grease, any of the thicker greases that protect the axels from rust. When you use the Alinker in heavy salted areas, clean the rear wheel and the steering hubs from salt before storing it again. Salt eats it way into everything. 

BE's hive

With the 5 campaigns that completed last week, together we have now 142 campaigns brought to a close! 142 people for who the Alinker was not accessible, as they live at the receiving end of a sick-care system that drives people into poverty. Instead of trying to fix what is not designed for wellness, we create access to a high quality Alinker while you can maintain your agency. People who do the campaigns give us an insight of what can happen, they are willing to share their story. Together we make sure they get access to the Alinker.  It is life changing. We create access to the Alinker, people have access to life again. Together we build healthcare that supports wellness.  

The Radical Generosity campaign grows!
It is the one that feeds all, and by donating to this campaign, we feed the individual campaigns that might need some extra love. 

Special thanks to a couple of most generous sponsors Horizn who donated a whole Alinker to Amelia, and Kathy Glassman, who donated a complete Alinker to this campaign.  
Every SUNDAY at 3pm EST, we'll go live on Alinker Instagram with guests, campaigners, announcements and new launches! Join us! 
What you share with us, makes us so happy

Just had to share with you!
I had to go to UofM hospital for consult and was able to handle the hallways and able to interact at eye level and under my own power!  Thank you so much for giving me my dignity back!
I have to tell you the nurses at UofM were taking pictures And ones said it would be perfect for her father who is recovering cancer. Right away, she recognized that I was able to stand and talk In a (masked) group! 
This past year has been an extreme challenge for all of us, and without Sprocket, I would probably be in much worse shape from all the isolation! 
I think of your dear mom, every time I ride and am thankful I don’t have to be wheeled around or hobble on my two bad knees. 
And I thank you again, from the deepest part of my being, for being tuned in and making such a difference! 
Have a wonderful week and love to you and yours!

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