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Activating our brains

In our 'sickcare' system we are so trained to aim for comfort, to seek a 'fix'. But comfort is a state in which we don't learn anything, the state of comfort is lack of growth, so just looking for comfort might not be what is best for us.

Often the moment people get the diagnosis of MS, they get told: 'get used to the idea of using a wheelchair and here is your medication'. (quoted from many people we have engaged with over the years).

Our medical system has developed in a system that treats sick people as a revenue stream and does not focus on quality of life. So we need to take back our agency over our own bodies. We have learned from many people and their experiences, that using the Alinker seems to activate the brain. The brain wants to work, we just need to activate it.

Paying attention to what we eat (not eating inflammatory foods, processed and sugar for example, and moving, activating your brain, is crucial to mitigating symptoms of MS.

The most common thing people say after using the Alinker is: 'I feel tired, but I feel energized'. The body works out so gets tired, the brain gets activated so feels energized. 

Once the brain is activated, it can reroute neural pathways, possibly finding new ways around lesions, to transmit messages. Completing the feedback loop, from brains to legs (to walk) to legs (as moving) back to the brain, is crucially important for the whole process of walking.

We do not make any medical claims here, we just witness and get feedback of thousands of Alinker users over the years.

In this video Caro, who lives with MS and is our distributor for Switzerland, Germany and Austria, mounted the Alinker on a treadmill and runs through the winter. See how far back she sits on the seat, tilting her pelvis a bit, opening up the spine so activation of the brain is full on!

When design matches your determination, a lot more is possible.

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BE's hive

Luca continues to grow

It continues to be hard to communicate the dramatic impact the XS Alinker has on Luca's life and that of his family.  

As a reminder, 4 weeks ago, Luca was sitting and laying down the whole day, cried a lot and was wearing diapers, he hated school as the kids left him on the side, he hated his walking frame as it hurt so much to use, he had lost most his mobility and for the last 8 months had barely moved, his mum could not even shower without interruptions. His hands could not grip anything, his voice was barely auditable.  

Week 4 now since he has the XS prototype. Luca is doing between 1000 and 2000 steps on his Alinker every day, he wants to work so hard! He does not cry anymore, nor does he wear diapers anymore since he can go to the toilet independently.  

Using the Alinker activates his brain, which has an effect on his whole body. The brain powers the body, and if it is not activated it gets frustrated and cannot do anything. We just have to activate the brain!

Luca now speaks and speaks up, he brushes his own teeth, goes to the park and plays with the kids, is engaged in life and has literally grown, like he has popped into his body.

His mum Prue told me that when he is outside, he looks up all the time, which he was never able to do, since he was hunched over the frame.   When they were outside for the first time and Luca looked up he said: "mum look, the sky is so blue! Look at the trees, they are so high!".... He was not able to see that before....  
Look mum, the sky is blue!  Imagine.... really... imagine what he feels now

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