Top100 most influential innovator of 2020

Our Founder and inventor of the Alinker, BE Alink is selected top100 of female founders for INC Magazine 2020. An incredible honour to be listed amongst the best women in the world of business. What makes us most proud, is that she was selected for combining mobility and sociability.

The Alinker is a vehicle for change and built on BE's vision to build access to health that supports wellness through mobility, community and healthy food.

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NOTE: The wording in the article was not mine, I would never use the sentence "confined to a wheelchair", and I have notified the journalist about use of language. 

Sunday 18th October 

reveal of the 10 new campaigns 

We are going to launch 10 new campaigns during a LIVE on Instagram
So far we completed 133 campaigns together
133 people who couldn't afford an Alinker
133 times we showed up in community
133 lives changed

CLICK here

on Sunday 18th October 1pm EST

We have a waiting list and we like to accommodate
those who are waiting before accepting
new campaigners, so we are currently not
accepting new applications.

If you need further assistance or would like more information
on crowdfunding on your own, please email

Beyond the individual campaigns,
this is the one that feeds all
be part of the COLLECTIVE campaign 

NEW campaigns on 18th October!

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"The Alinker is a game changer!"

- Selma Blair
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