Isolation - Reflection
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Isolation - Reflection
Now that everybody is asked to self-isolate, we have the opportunity to be empathetic to those who are always isolated, though due to social stigma instead of a temporary measure. Pause for a while, breath and reflect on others who are isolated for more than these 2-4 weeks.

The Alinker Family grew online, with people who were at home, isolated by a disease with resulting mobility challenges. Isolation is a societal disease and often experienced as a worse disease than the symptoms of the disease or condition people live with.

The Alinker Family connects, gets people out of isolation and into a space where we are seen and acknowledged. People are friends, care and show up for each other. Most people have never met each other, but are deeply connected.

Isolation of the physical body to be safe during this period, does not mean being alone, I hope you all remember this once this virus period is over.

We are all here, this is a time to be generous, look out for each other and see who needs to be seen right now.

Go to the campaigns and be generous, change lives of people who know what isolation without a timeline is:

Show up for each other, be kind, be generous


Tuesday 17th March

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Simple things are huge
"My Mom and I used to go shopping together every Friday! It was “our thing”. Sadly the last two years I haven’t been able to go because of being in bed due to SFN and Lupus making my legs too weak to withstand long trips.
Today though we went to Home Goods and I walked through the isles on my #Alinker and IT WAS AMAZING! Not only did I get to see the entire store at eye level but I got to be with my mom, talking, laughing, soaking up the moment. Something we haven’t had the chance to do in a very long time. Thank you @the_alinker_world for a beautiful day!"


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- Selma Blair
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