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Alinker COVID19 actions
We wouldn't be the Alinker if we wouldn't step everything up in this time of COVID19 

We had a great year, and now it is time to share. People, our SheEO colleagues and others are losing their jobs. The government incentivizes laying off, where we think it is crucial to keep people employed and deploy them for community services.

So, we have Alinker stock in our warehouses and are allocating the revenues to keep others alive. This is the time to be radically generous. Join us. 

This is an announcement about how the Alinker allocates their NET revenues (revenues after the bare costs) during these times for #employment and #foodsecurity initiatives like #COMMONGOOD in Calgary. Other initiatives to be added as we go and suggestions are welcome for companies who are creative and use their community to have extra impact in these times.

There is also huge opportunity in this crisis. The opportunity to build a better world back together! #NoJobsLost ....

In the SheEO community it goes different. We #activate, come together, we assess the available resources, show up for each other and see how we can relocate assets and resources to do even more, increase the impact we have together, because there is a shitload of extra work to do for the people who are now more isolated in this crisis.  We have daily sometimes hourly conference calls to share and brainstorm, be present to each other, breath and come up with actions that could not be possible without a community. 

The biggest risk in this time is that we aim to "go back to normal" after a few months. Normal was not good enough for so many people! So we breath and share, and step up and into this opportunity, together. 

Don’t get me wrong, everybody should be safe and make sure to follow the measures to stay healthy. Though, masks, gloves, no closer than 2 meters from each other etc does not mean that people who have essential work to do, have to lock themselves up inside. Many people will get infected and sick, the trick is to spread it and flatten the curve. So, use your common sense, don't panic and do the precautions well. In the meantime, how do we make sure our most vulnerable populations are not isolated to death.... #isolationkills ....

Here is what we do at the #Alinker #COVID19 #actions

ONE: Brandon, is doing a live Instagram everyday for an hour on at 1pm EST so people can get updates, connect, hear others about what they do to stay active, #ask questions, #give answers, #customerservice, offer help, etc. We connect and talk to each other, show up, inform, laugh, share.  Check it out and join the #AlinkerFamily online community. 

TWO: We employ Alinker users and you can connect via the pop-up window on our website to talk to one of them. From a question online, you might ask for a call and talk. Reach out. We are here.

THREE: Then, we are selling Alinkers to support our communities. (for Canada and USA). We encourage people who have funds available (many people like to help but do not know where to make their money reach the community now) to order Alinkers online, then indicate in the message the scenarios we offer:

1/ ORDER: you want the Alinker for yourself - We ship* to you and Alinker allocates the NET revenues to #employment and #foodsecurity projects

2/ CONTRIBUTE:  you do not want the Alinker but want to share - ALL your funds go directly to #employment and #foodsecurity initiatives

3/ PASS IT ON: you want the Alinker for someone else - tell us who to ship them to in your name (can be an organization) - we ship* and we allocate our NET revenues to #employment and #foodsecurity projects

(these offers do not apply to rent-to-own sales)

FOUR: The collective campaign is still open and you can make larger donations there -  that will support the ongoing campaigns. 

This is the first #employment and #foodsecurity initiative we are already supporting by keeping their staff employed. Keeping their staff employed ahas a cascading effect on their whole ecosystem... listen to Hannah.

(*shipping is currently still happening, but is subject to further seising of operations in the various industries)
Hannah Cree, founder of the CMNGD in Calgary explains what she did. Hannah is one if the #Sheeo ventures and it shows how deeply powerful this network is.
COMMONGOOD in Calgary during #covid19:  'we are keeping people facing poverty employed, and redeploying them and the CMNGD trucks to assist nonprofits to ensure seniors and children who can not access the food bank and lunch programs, during this time, are now getting food delivered to their homes.  We are also using empty commercial kitchens, recently unemployed chefs and at risk youth to cook more meals for thousands of people'.  

When we had transferred some emergency funds to them so they could breath again, Hannah send us this email: "The relief and looks on our employees faces when we told them they don't have to worry about this month and that they will be paid... is something I will never forget.  And the fact that we get to now use this time to be of service to our community who has supported us for long, is incredible.  Thank you to the Alinker community for making that happen!"


share, connect, ask, give, customer service

1pm EST, tune in for

our LIVE Instagram
Heck yeah! 
Heather Plummer Goodrich shares:

It has almost been a week ago when Alabama announced the first positive case. I was in Infusion Birmingham. My Neuro came out and made it clear WE MSers, especially me with a second autoimmune as well were in a High Risk Group. She basically told us to go on Lock Down.

However, she made it abundantly clear, if possible, to get outside for at least an hour a day for activity. I am very BLESSED to live in the country. I can self isolate doing what I love most and that is Running on my Lady Belle (my Alinker Barbara Alink).

Seems crazy!! I can go outside on my Alinker and run but I cannot hug, kiss my grandchildren or have them at the house for sleepovers etc.. I cannot go to a store or attend social gatherings or church etc. Somehow I found myself slipping into a DARK PLACE. Depression and Anxiety can Trigger MS. Thank God I recognized I was slipping.

SO TODAY I Took a Break from The WORLD . I have a small Victory I would like to share. I am strong, Safe and Healthy!! Today I STRAPPED ON TWO leg braces, got on Belle and ran a totally ISOLATED SUB TWO HALF Marathon!! Just me, great tunes and an occasional cow or horse!!

Heck Yeah!! The HECK with YOU MS!! Forget feeling depressed!! Forget all the crazy media of GLOOM and DOOM. I AM BEING ME!! THIS I Have not done well since 2014!!! I know in my HEART this Difficult time will pass. I feel humbled and Blessed in this craziness.

Praying for BRIGHTER DAYS ahead . Luv all of you. Stay safe and focus on something positive!! #COMMUNITYMATTERS.

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