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10 campaigns at USD $1000

This end of year-NEW prices
Alinker Family Farm... what??
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This end of year-NEW prices

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Because we are so excited about being in the top 10,
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The Collective Selma Blair campaign
launches 10 campaigns at $1000 each

and this is what has happened since!!! 

Danielle    COMPLETED!    BOOM!
Meredith    COMPLETED!   BOOM!
Tania   COMPLETED!     BOOM!
Erin  So far ----$1130
Missy   So far ----$1060
Hayley   So far ----$1000 
Tammy    So far ----$1200
Jen   So far ----$1600
Elizabeth  So far ----$1482

all campaigns are in USD $ and need to raise $2200 which includes the Alinker, shipping, platform and creditcard fees and Alinker support. We hire Alinker  users to work with people to build their campaign, do social media and customer service.

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The collective campaign is supported and sponsored by good people at:
and Alinker 

To date, thanks to your generosity, 83 campaigns already completed. 
The Alinker Family Farm - what?

This is the Alinker Family Farmland, the farm, the family home to this special family.... as we are building it... building us

The owners of the land are Brandon and Emily LaVoie, now dear ones. These people touch me so deeply, we are not friends, but we became family in the short time we have only known each other. It is that same feeling I had during the years in Afghanistan, where I did not make friends, but became family, they still are, always will be.

I've never had this feeling outside of Afghanistan, where my soul came home with people I do not need to explain myself to. People who not judge on the outside, people who deeply understand me, as they understand themselves, as I understand them, in who they chose to be in life, kind people.

When we talk about the Alinker Family, it is a name for a completely random group of people who see, hear and feel each other, in their essences, in their weirdness, their feeling different, often exactly those parts that were always ridiculed or discarded, because we are different. Misfits in regard to a mainstream that is... what? Who is mainstream, and who really wants to 'fit' there anyway.

I happen to be the founder of the Alinker, the vehicle that is becoming this vehicle of change I always have 'seen' in my head, but was never really able to talk about, it was too early. It changes lives. Things ripen over time. We are in our time.

I do not believe in changing the world, the world does not want to be changed. When we focus on the problems, we have problems, why would we do that. Nature does not have waste, all it produces is regenerated. So when we see waste, isolated people for example, it indicates a design flaw in the system. We are conditioned to go fix the waste problem, try and solve isolation, create a Ministry for loneliness, while the system continues to create the same waste. By trying to fix it, we perpetuate it, and create more loneliness.

Turn around, breath, and choose you. We are as free as we choose to be, from the constructs of the systems that are not designed for our wellbeing, but have rather morphed into systems that make money over sick people. These systems are sophisticated and effective, just not designed for our wellbeing. So turn around, and feel who you are, not what the system wants you to be. Choose you and you will find others.

So what we can do is change ourselves, our perspectives, challenge ourselves, do deep inner work, go to that edge when you actually don't know whether you'll live or fall. Look in the mirror and see who you represent to others that might look different than you. Then choose who you want to be, and show up with you, beyond your looks. You will learn something about yourself, be present in the most uncomfortable moments, just because someone needs you to be, because you too, need exactly that.

Choose, make that one decision who you want to be. Regardless of where you came from and what happened to you, you can choose to be a kind person, and be kind in all your actions, regardless what comes at you. When you are congruent with yourself, nothing has power over you, not your past, not systems that are not designed for us.

I do not help people, helping feels patronizing, top down, power differences, inequality, arrogance, dismissive. I can only help myself, choose and create the world that I want to live in. All I have done is make it possible for a family to come together, because this is the family that I really need.

I talked with Joe Revello, the first Alinker user in the USA ever, family since nearly 5 years now, and he said to me: "BE, what you have done, is make different be ok"

With love BE
Announcing price adjustments on the 1st January 2020

The retail price of the Alinkers worldwide is based on the USD $1977 because we pay our manufacturers in USD.  Price adjustments due to currency fluctuations are long overdue.

Here are the new prices, before possible applicable taxes in the region of operation and excluding local shipping to customers

The new prices are, effective January 1st 2020: 

In the USA State applicable sales taxes will be charged 
All EURO countries € 1790
Switzerland CHF 2080
UK £ 1640
Canada CAD $ 2630
Australia $ 2900
New Zealand $ 3100

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