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A matriarch dies
The mother, who inspired the Alinker, has passed

This newsletter is not a usual one, it is a personal sharing with all of you, people my mum has loved and followed through the years, on your journeys with the Alinker.

My mum has passed, my mum who inspired the birth of the Alinker. 

In 2011 I walked with my mum over the market and out of nowhere I heard: "over my dead body will I ever use one of these", hinting to a group of people using scooters and walkers. With that comment I realized that medical equipment is designed as a technical solution for a body with a problem and that it in fact emphasizes the disability. I set out to design something cool, for how we want to live, active and engaged, regardless of mobility challenges.  

Over the years my mum has been an enormous support to me, during the very difficult years to build this company. Without her, and many other angels along the way, the Alinker would not be here today. She has been there every step of the way, loving what came to life, the vision built on values, materialized through the Alinker. 

My mum so enjoyed hearing and reading about the Alinker Family that is growing, till the very end. It is not about the bike, it is about how we show up for each other, with kindness and love. We, my two brothers and I, do not have children, so here, the family line of Alink would end. But then it doesn't. 

The night of my mums passing, I wrote and shared this: 

"A matriarch died today.
My mum passed today, exactly how she wanted. An epic life like she has lived, only matched by an epic death. We were together and surrounded her, as she surrounded us. In the unprecedented times I am so blessed to have been together with my mum for these last weeks, to guide her and be guided by her till her journey home.
Since she lost the love of her life at 35 years old, we were 6, 8 and 11, she chose to be there for us, show up, her willpower unmatched by anything I have ever experienced. In these last weeks we had hours of conversations, explored the deeper sense, unveiled the unspoken till nothing else was left to say. Her last words "I love you all so very much".
We had each told her that too as we kissed and embraced her. This morning she said how blessed she was to be with us and she prayed for all these people who are dying alone in these times, thoughts that pained her.... Her last thoughts and words were, always thinking of others...
Safe journey home dear Tonneke, give our dad our love when you rejoin.... with so much love and respect, courageous woman.
I love you, thank you for giving me all that I learned from you. You are so missed"

Tonneke went HOME
Rest in peace dear mum, you have touched so many hearts and made people all around the world feel that they matter. 

On the farm of my brother, we placed the stone of my father, and in due time we will spread their ashes together under the trees we planted for her 80th birthday a few years ago. 

Where we come from is where we return, HOME

with so much love
Here is my TEDx talk about how the Alinker came to be. 
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