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Alinkers for everybody, regardless of income


Why do we facilitate crowdfunding on our site?

We believe that the Alinkers should be available for everybody, regardless of income and people who start a crowdfunding campaign here, will have access to a life changing Alinker. Did you see how happy Selma Blair is using her Alinker?  Her anxiety dropped from level 10 to 2 after she got back on her new Alinker.  She is so happy and so on with this new invention, that she wants to create a fund to get people access to Alinkers. These crowdfunding campaigns are the first step to make Alinkers available for everybody. Selma and BE are now putting their energy together to build a generous community around all the campaigners! The campaigners are people who allow others to show up generously, give them love! 

Go to the active campaigns HERE

HERE is how you visit the active campaigns and DONATE
EMAIL for support for setting up your campaign
HERE is how you order an Alinker direct
HERE is how you rent to own

EMAIL for any question in relation to orders and sizing

For the UK EMAIL
For Australia visit HERE
For New Zealand visit HERE
For Switserland, Germany, Austria EMAIL
For the Netherlands visit HERE
EMAIL for queries for any other location

Before contacting us directly, please review the FAQ first

Tracy is one of the 24 people who already reached their goal! 
There are:
11 more campaigns live now
25 ready to be launched and 
156 submitted but need work before they can be launched

A community coming together and showing up with radical generosity
Together we are so much better

Make a donation now, the sooner campaigns reach their goal, the sooner we can launch more CLICK HERE
Yes it does fold up and fits in the back, or on the back of most cars. Wheels and seat are quick release. 


The sooner you order, the sooner we can get you
your own Alinker

Selma Blair: "The Alinker is a Game Changer!" 


Register your Alinker

When you have purchased an Alinker, please note that you will need to

register it online in order for the warranty to be activated.

Have a look at our instruction videos

Invite your friends to sign up, scroll down to bottom of page

and sign up:

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