שבת פרשת קרח

Shabbat Parshat Korach

5th of Tammuz, 5780

June 26th-27th, 2020

Candle lighting: 8:13 pm

Havdalah: 9:13 pm
(Kiddush Levanah if moon is visible)


4503 Fieldston Rd.
Riverdale, NY 10471

WE WILL BE BEGINNING WITH SHOCHAIN AD MAROM (please say brachot and pisukei d'zimra by yourself)

Please note the following details:

The service:

  • The Kehilah will be davening in our satellite location (where we have our sukkah).  Located in the back lawn of the home of: 
    Jessica and Chad Haller

  • There will be a separate entrance for the women’s and men’s sections (at the right and left side of the house respectively).

  • Davening will begin 30 minutes earlier at 8:30 am (to minimize davening in the heat of the day).  

  • We plan to have an abbreviated davening where tefilah will start at Barchu (please daven birkat haShachar and Pesukei d’zimra on your own).  

  • The ba’al Tefilah and ba’al Koreh will be more than 12 ft. away, wearing a mask.

  • The gabaim will call aliyot from their seats.

  • The aliyot will be done, taken one step forward, looking at the Torah and then reciting a Bracha.  Each person called up will ensure that they are at a safe 12 ft. distance from the ba’al korei after taking a step forward.

  • Hagbah and Gelilah will be performed by the ba’al korei.

  • The ba’al korei and ba’alei tefilah who hold the Torah, will do so with gloves on.

Protocols in place for those attending davening:

  • For the first week, we will be limiting attendance to 12 men and 12 women above the age of bar/bat mitzvah.

  • To sign up for a place in davening, please click here to fill out the form.

  • We request that anyone who is healthy and has not had known exposure to someone with Covid-19 feel comfortable coming.

  • Anyone can sign up regardless of membership.

  • Those who feel that they can sit or stand in a designated place or section are encouraged to sign up.

  • Chairs will be provided and will be wiped down prior to davening.

  • All attendees must wear masks (including Ba’al tefilah and Ba’al Kriyah)

  • We ask that everyone bring their own siddur and chumash.  If you don't own a siddur or chumash, please let us know and we can loan you one of the shul's for the time being.

  • Please bring your own Tallis.

  • Please bring a hat.

  • Please bring your own water bottle.

  • Please make sure to use the bathroom before davening.

  • There will be one bathroom available for emergency only.

  • After Tefilah, there will be no kiddush and no congregating.

  • The davening is weather dependent.  If it is raining, please plan on joining us the following week.


If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. As we have expressed before, we will continue to reevaluate the situation on a regular basis; we hope to be back to regular davening as soon as possible.


Looking forward to our davening together in a safe and meaningful way.

*Please note earlier davening time to ensure that davening takes place in a cooler climate.



...For Mincha Erev Shabbos:
TIME:  6:45 pm

Join Us on Zoom:

Password:  113089
Join The Kehilah of Riverdale as we will recite Mincha together followed by a Communal Mourner's Kaddish.

Mincha/Maariv Schedule for June 28th-July 2nd

Davening at 8:10 pm

We will daven privately and then have a minyan for those who are saying Kaddish.

            Password:  113089


The Kehilah is Delighted to Wish Mazal Tov to Our 2020 Graduates:*

Middle School:
Francis Geller
Yonah Glazer
Elie Minkove
Tamar Padwa
Yaakov Salamon
Yehuda Siegal
Gila Senderowicz

High School:
Esther Eisenstat
Davi Frank
Bennet Geller
Jacob Greenwald
Leila Haller
Zachy Krauss
Akiva Najman-Licht
Adam Nerenberg

Shmuel Padwa
Malkey Rosensaft
Didi Salamon

In lieu of a Graduation Kiddush, we plan to celebrate all graduates in two weeks time with a special gift for the Kehilah graduates.  It will be delivered to their homes.

Please click here to sponsor the graduation gift.
Please make sure to mention that the donation is for the graduation gift.

As the graduates have reached their milestone, we wish them much hatzlakha as they begin the new journey ahead.  May it be one where they have fulfillment and good health.

Mazal tov.

* Please let us know if we left out your graduate, we will make sure to put them in next week's bulletin.

                                                                       June 25, 2020

Dear Riverdale Community Member, 

As a follow up to our previous letter, we are embarking on community-wide Riverdale book groups. 

While some may want to simply read and discuss with their families, we strongly encourage everyone to join a group to engage in communal conversations. Book groups will consist of 8-12 people who will read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo or the book of their choice*, and they will take place on the platform of their choice.

Click here to join a group.  We would like forms to be filled out by July 3 so we can begin our important work together. 

We hope reading, learning, and sharing with others in our community will lead to more personal and communal reflection and inspire more action toward a better tomorrow.


Riverdale Jewish Community Partnership


* For more information about White Fragility and other recommended titles, please go to


wishes Happy Birthday to birthdays from last week and the coming week... 

Sarah Braum

Elan Hirsch

Sarah Kranz

Laurel Mayer

Dida Najman

Danny Padwa

Wishing all those celebrating birthdays good health, fulfillment and joy ad me'ah v'esrim shana

Our Next Kehilah Book Club will meet on

Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 10am on Zoom.

The ZOOM ID is:
            Password:  113089

We will discuss:

The Color of Water, A Black Man’s tribute to his White Mother”

By: James McBride

FACILITATED BY; Carol Osheinski

The Color of Water touches readers of all colors as a vivid portrait of growing up, a haunting meditation on race and identity, and a lyrical valentine to a mother from her son.

Catch up on the last book club:
We were privileged to have Dr. Jeffrey Gurock, author of, "The Jews of Harlem" join us on Zoom, on June 7, 2020.
He inspired and engaged us with his enthusiastic descriptions of how the Jewish Harlem community of the last century was built and the factors in its decline. He made the book come alive for us and we appreciated his taking the time on a Sunday morning, to be with our group.

 In September we will be discussing “The Lone Wolf” by Ehud Diskin, and in November “The Survivors” by Adam Frankel.
Looking forward to seeing you at our Kehilah  Book Club.  

Ruth Licht-
Sherry Najman

The Kehilah Membership Drive for 2020

Time to Renew your Kehilah Membership!

Please renew your membership or consider becoming a member of The Kehilah

The Kehilah would like to thank all those who contributed to The Kehilah with renewing membership and contributing end of year donations.

Please remember to renew your membership for 2020.

Your membership and financial support over the past year has enabled The Kehilah to meet regularly at the Society for Ethical Culture.  It has allowed us to expand our programming to include events on every holiday of the Jewish calendar year. 

We continue to have a great deal of programming planned for the 2020 year.
The Kehilah needs your support. 

To become a member and/or donate, please select one of the following choices:

Through Paypal click on the donate button:

If you would like to send a personal check, go through a charitable foundation or charitable fund, please: 

Send a check made out to "The Kehilah" to:
The Kehilah
P.O. Box 78
Bronx, NY 10471
Or –

Go to our website at: and click on the

Membership tab.

The Kehilah, Inc. is a congregation incorporated under Article 10 of the New York State Religious Corporations Law. Under federal tax code, a contribution to a synagogue which complies with 501(c)(3) requirements is automatically exempt.


Once again, thank you for your generous support.

With deep appreciation,

Rosh Kehilah Dina Najman, Marta d'Atra

Jonathan Konovitch, President

William Scheiner, Fundraising Chair

A Short Vort for Shabbos:
Parshat Korach

When did Korach actually rise up in opposition to Moshe?  
Ibn Ezra maintains that Korach raises his opposition to Korach, earlier on in the Torah text, when the tribe of Levi was designated for service to the Mishkan.  Unlike Ibn Ezra who suggests that the the episode with Korach appears out of chronological order, Ramban accepts the chronology that the Torah presents us with.  According to Ramban, Korach felt a great deal of resentment for a while.  It was festering  inside him.  However, Korach realized that any opposition to Moshe the beloved leader would meet with opposition.  However, after the various episodes of the spiral down fall of Bnei Yisrael (the mitonn'mimKivrot haTa'ava and then the meraglim, which resulted in many of  Bnei Yisrael not entering the land of Israel), Korach recognizes that perhaps this people are ready for a revolt.  Korach takes this opportunity - feeding off of the impressionable nature of K'lal Yisrael and takes advantage of the low morale of the people.  He instilled within the people doubt beyond themselves, but within their leadership as well.
According to Ramban, it was wrong for the people to fall into Korach’s trap and reject Moshe’s leadership.  The people had too deep a weakness at this point.  Moreover, Ramban asserts that this could not have taken place earlier.  For had it been at the moment when the Leviim were appointed their service, before the people erred so profoundly, Korach’s revolt would have failed.  Moshe lovingly maternally, cared for, tended to, and prayed for the people.  Moshe was still respected in the eyes of the people and for all he did to defend them and support them.
Unfortunately after cheit meraglim, the people could not look past that disappointment.  Even on those rare occasions when leaders slip, the leader continued to deserve the people’s continued support and respect even after the debacle of cheit ha-meragelim.  
Ramban teaches a great lesson: People fail.  But, Korach presents us with the challenge how we will return.  How will we in turn, still commit to them?  This must be our attitude:  People in our lives deserve our hakarat haTov and appreciation.  But, gratitude is owed even when there may be occasional bumps in the road of that leadership.  Korach's taking advantage of the peoples skepticism teaches us a valuable lesson:  We are humans.  We will err.  When that happens, we make sure to establish reasonable expectations of others and our selves.  Never lose the appreciation and the drive to represent others and doing their best to serve and lead.  
This does not mean leaders are not subject to scrutiny. But, reminding ourselves as to the accomplishments of the leader performed in the past and the confidence we can display in the improvements of that leader in the future, will in turn allow for the best possible outcome for us all.

Shabbat Shalom


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its massive impact on New York’s Jewish
community, the Hebrew Free Burial Association is, unfortunately, busier than ever. Since March 1st, they have conducted more than 218 burials, up from 79 a year ago. 

Unfortunately, in many of these cases, family members are unable to attend the burial due to the statewide lock down or their own health. Plus, with the backlog of thousands of unclaimed bodies currently being stored in refrigerated trailers by the NYC Medical Examiner’s office, some of which are Jewish, hundreds more burials are anticipated to take place in the weeks to come.
[Watch this video: See how HFBA is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic]

This increase in volume of burials has created a critical fiscal emergency for this important communal organization. Due to this tremendous surge in burials, the Hebrew Free Burial Association is currently facing a $650,000 shortfall and needs everyone across the broader Jewish community to rise to the occasion to help them perform this tremendous mitzvah.

Each burial in Mount Richmond Cemetery costs more than $5,000. This includes some of the following costs:
 Tachrichim (burial shrouds) – $54
 PPE equipment (for all people involved in the burial) – $100
 Daily cost to operate 40 foot refrigerated trailer (includes generator rental and fuel) – $150
 Tahara – $250
 Kosher coffin (simple pine box) – $300
 Grave opening – $650
 Additional grave digger needed due to COVID-19 – $650


1) DONATE NOW to help cover some of the costs of these burials:
2) Thank you to those who have donated more than 2,000 taleisim in the last few weeks, but don’t need more of these at this time. We respectfully ask that you please focus your giving solely on our extreme financial needs at this time.
Please open your hearts and participate in the highest mitzvah one can perform by supporting the Hebrew Free Burial Association TODAY.
The Hebrew Free Burial Association devotes its resources to chesed shel emet (the ultimate act of loving kindness), burying indigent Jews with dignity and respect. It is the only agency in the New York metropolitan area dedicated to assuring that every Jew, regardless of financial means or religious affiliation, receives a dignified, traditional Jewish funeral and burial.
An Environmental Message
Drive Smarter 

Simple changes in our existing driving habits can improve fuel efficiency by up to 25 percent. Drive at or near the speed limit, keep your tires inflated, make sure oil and air filters are clean, and step on the gas and the brakes carefully. Driving like a drag racer may be fun, but it has a substantial environmental cost.

For more information, go to:
Community Happenings at the Riverdale Y:

Summer Camp

Summer Stage Performing Arts Intensive for ages 6-14 is starting on Monday, June 29 with both in-person and virtual options. Information and registration at Summer in the Cloud is the finest virtual summer adventure serving the JCC communities of the 5 Boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island. Open to all children in grades kindergarten-6th grade. Please visit  for more information on registration and pricing.

Riverdale Y Sunday Market
There are still a few spots remaining for the Riverdale Y Sunday Market. After an amazing first two weeks, come join us to see what the entire community is talking about. You must register for a time slot, for more information or to register, please visit

KCI Community Food
KCI Community Food provides fresh Kosher food delivery to anyone in the community. The economic downturn has affected many people, and the Met Council and UJA Federation of New York are helping the community get these food resources to help. Please call (646) 647-1380 or email All requests are confidential, and all food is delivered to your door. 


This summer Drisha will be creating their Beit Midrash community over a virtual platform with interactive learning and havruta taking place on Zoom. Though physically distant, through learning, the group will be spiritually close.

Students will have the opportunity to learn with top educators and scholars and engage in serious study of Jewish texts beyond the scope of a high school classroom. They will develop the ability to analyze these essential texts, be challenged to ask questions and be active participants in thought-provoking discussions. 
For more on Drisha's summer program, click
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