שבת פרשת שלח 

שבת מברכין החודש

Shabbat Parshat Sh'lach

Shabbat M'varchin haChodesh
28th of Sivan, 5780

June 19th-20th, 2020

Candle lighting: 8:12 pm

Havdalah: 9:13 pm



It's a Wonderful Opportunity to say hi to friends
and wish them a Good Shabbos!




-BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage)

-BYOS (Bring Your Own Salami



TIME: 6:10 pm 


Password:  113089
...For Mincha Erev Shabbos:
TIME:  6:45 pm

Join Us on Zoom:

Password:  113089
Join The Kehilah of Riverdale as we will recite Mincha together followed by a Communal Mourner's Kaddish.

Mincha/Maariv Schedule for June 21st-26th

Davening at 8:15 pm

We will daven privately and then have a minyan for those who are saying Kaddish.

            Password:  113089


                                                                           27 Sivan, 5780

Dear Kehilah Member,
I hope everyone is feeling well and safe. as  was written last week, the Kehilah Board of Trustees has decided to wait  until Phase 2 of reopening to consider resuming in-person tefilot.

As plans for Phase 1 are underway, The Kehilah is considering plans for returning to davening next Shabbat, Parshat Korach.  We continue to err on the side of safek d'Oraita l'chumra.  When there is a doubt in a d'Oraita principal, we are preferring to be more stringent.  Yet, where it is considered less risky for us to congregate outdoors and daven together with the appropriate social distancing, we will do our best to do so.  

As such, we begin to prepare for the proper guidelines to be enforced over Shabbat.
- Mask wearing
- Social distancing of 6 ft. apart for non-family members living together.
-12 ft. apart from those leading tefilah and leining Torah.
- Separate entrance to outdoor congregating spot for men and women.
- Hand sanitizers on premises
- Please bring your own siddur and chumash

If it appears that re-opening will be prudent with all these safety recommendations in place, we are strongly considering opening shul next week . 

With the re-opening, we will be restricting attendance.
For the safety of those in attendance and those who may be at risk, we ask those who are immuno-compromised, those over 65, those with a fever of 100  or more - not sign up to attend.

Please look for a sign up document in your email outlining our outdoor davening protocol and opportunities for davening and leining.  

We continue to offer our zoom tefilah with communal Kaddish during the week.  

We want to thank all those individuals who have been so patient with the re-opening schedule.  We appreciate that there is a strong desire and commitment to come to shul.  We hope to resume in the near future in a way where we feel comfortable and protected to the best of the shul's ability. With any questions, please feel free to email me or the members of our board at

May we hear b'surot tovot
Shabbat Shalom,
R' Dina Najman
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 5780 

Rosh Chodesh will be:
This Sunday  night through Tuesday afternoon.
June 21st at night through June 23rd daytime.

Please remember...

On Sunday night: 30th of Sivan, June 21st:
-Ya'aleh v'Yavo in your Shemoneh Esrei

Shacharit for Monday, June 22nd:
- Ya'aleh v'Yavo in your Shemoneh Esreh
- Half Hallel after Shacharit Shemoneh Esreh
- Musaf for Rosh Chodesh
- Barchi Nafshi
- No Tachanun or Lam'natzeiach

Mincha on Rosh Chodesh:
-Ya'aleh v'Yavo in Mincha Shemoneh Esreh
-No Tachanun

On Monday night, 1st of Tammuz
- Ya'aleh v'Yavo in your Shemoneh Esrei

Shacharit for Tuesday morning, June 23rd
- Ya'aleh v'Yavo in your Shemoneh Esreh
- Half Hallel after Shacharit Shemoneh Esreh
- Musaf for Rosh Chodesh
- Barchi Nafshi
- No Tachanun or Lam'natzeiach

Mincha on Rosh Chodesh:
-Ya'aleh v'Yavo in Mincha Shemoneh Esreh
-No Tachanun

Chodesh Tov

wishes Happy Birthday to birthdays from last week and the coming week... 

Sarah Braum

Lea Rappaport Geller

Elan Hirsch

Jedidiah Konovitch

Jonathan Konovitch

Sarah Kranz

Laurel Mayer

Laura Michaeli

Dida Najman


wishes Happy Anniversary to... 

HaChazzan Chaim & Dr. Sherrell Najman

Wishing all those celebrating birthdays and an anniversary good health, fulfillment and joy ad me'ah v'esrim shana

Our Next Kehilah Book Club will meet on

Sunday, July 26, 2020 at 10am on Zoom.

The ZOOM ID is:
            Password:  113089

We will discuss:

The Color of Water, A Black Man’s tribute to his White Mother”

By: James McBride

FACILITATED BY; Carol Osheinski

The Color of Water touches readers of all colors as a vivid portrait of growing up, a haunting meditation on race and identity, and a lyrical valentine to a mother from her son.

Catch up on the last book club:
We were privileged to have Dr. Jeffrey Gurock, author of, "The Jews of Harlem" join us on Zoom, on June 7, 2020.
He inspired and engaged us with his enthusiastic descriptions of how the Jewish Harlem community of the last century was built and the factors in its decline. He made the book come alive for us and we appreciated his taking the time on a Sunday morning, to be with our group.

 In September we will be discussing “The Lone Wolf” by Ehud Diskin, and in November “The Survivors” by Adam Frankel.
Looking forward to seeing you at our Kehilah  Book Club.  

Ruth Licht-
Sherry Najman

The Kehilah Membership Drive for 2020

Time to Renew your Kehilah Membership!

Please renew your membership or consider becoming a member of The Kehilah

The Kehilah would like to thank all those who contributed to The Kehilah with renewing membership and contributing end of year donations.

Please remember to renew your membership for 2020.

Your membership and financial support over the past year has enabled The Kehilah to meet regularly at the Society for Ethical Culture.  It has allowed us to expand our programming to include events on every holiday of the Jewish calendar year. 

We continue to have a great deal of programming planned for the 2020 year.
The Kehilah needs your support. 

To become a member and/or donate, please select one of the following choices:

Through Paypal click on the donate button:

If you would like to send a personal check, go through a charitable foundation or charitable fund, please: 

Send a check made out to "The Kehilah" to:
The Kehilah
P.O. Box 78
Bronx, NY 10471
Or –

Go to our website at: and click on the

Membership tab.

The Kehilah, Inc. is a congregation incorporated under Article 10 of the New York State Religious Corporations Law. Under federal tax code, a contribution to a synagogue which complies with 501(c)(3) requirements is automatically exempt.


Once again, thank you for your generous support.

With deep appreciation,

Rosh Kehilah Dina Najman, Marta d'Atra

Jonathan Konovitch, President

William Scheiner, Fundraising Chair

An Environmental Message

Do You B.Y.O.?
Are you among the many New Yorkers bringing their own water bottles, mugs & shopping bags when on the go?

Start today.
It’s the smart, simple way to give your wallet & the planet a break. 

The New York City Department of Sanitation collects more than 3 million tons of waste annually, including 10 billion single-use bags, 315,000 tons of paper for recycling, and about 800 million bottles of water.

Courtesy of

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its massive impact on New York’s Jewish
community, the Hebrew Free Burial Association is, unfortunately, busier than ever. Since March 1st, they have conducted more than 218 burials, up from 79 a year ago. 

Unfortunately, in many of these cases, family members are unable to attend the burial due to the statewide lock down or their own health. Plus, with the backlog of thousands of unclaimed bodies currently being stored in refrigerated trailers by the NYC Medical Examiner’s office, some of which are Jewish, hundreds more burials are anticipated to take place in the weeks to come.
[Watch this video: See how HFBA is operating during the COVID-19 pandemic]

This increase in volume of burials has created a critical fiscal emergency for this important communal organization. Due to this tremendous surge in burials, the Hebrew Free Burial Association is currently facing a $650,000 shortfall and needs everyone across the broader Jewish community to rise to the occasion to help them perform this tremendous mitzvah.

Each burial in Mount Richmond Cemetery costs more than $5,000. This includes some of the following costs:
 Tachrichim (burial shrouds) – $54
 PPE equipment (for all people involved in the burial) – $100
 Daily cost to operate 40 foot refrigerated trailer (includes generator rental and fuel) – $150
 Tahara – $250
 Kosher coffin (simple pine box) – $300
 Grave opening – $650
 Additional grave digger needed due to COVID-19 – $650


1) DONATE NOW to help cover some of the costs of these burials:
2) Thank you to those who have donated more than 2,000 taleisim in the last few weeks, but don’t need more of these at this time. We respectfully ask that you please focus your giving solely on our extreme financial needs at this time.
Please open your hearts and participate in the highest mitzvah one can perform by supporting the Hebrew Free Burial Association TODAY.
The Hebrew Free Burial Association devotes its resources to chesed shel emet (the ultimate act of loving kindness), burying indigent Jews with dignity and respect. It is the only agency in the New York metropolitan area dedicated to assuring that every Jew, regardless of financial means or religious affiliation, receives a dignified, traditional Jewish funeral and burial.


This summer Drisha will be creating their Beit Midrash community over a virtual platform with interactive learning and havruta taking place on Zoom. Though physically distant, through learning, the group will be spiritually close.

Students will have the opportunity to learn with top educators and scholars and engage in serious study of Jewish texts beyond the scope of a high school classroom. They will develop the ability to analyze these essential texts, be challenged to ask questions and be active participants in thought-provoking discussions. 
For more on Drisha's summer program, click

A Short Vort for Shabbos:
Parshat Sh'lach

In Parshat Sh'lach, we read about the sin of the meraglim.  10 out of the 12 spies inject pessimism and a sense of despair into the minds of a people desperately awaiting news that the land they have been longing to enter is within their grasp.  Instead, Bnei Yisrael's hopes and excitement for successful entry into the promised land have been shattered.  The exception is Kalev and Yehoshua.  Most notably, it is Kalev, representing the tribe of Yehuda, the future leadership of the people, who encourages the people, saying it is possible and it is within your reach.  He attempts to instill confidence and optimism despite the psychological damage the people suffered from the report of the 10 spies.  Even though the people do not listen to Kalev, Hashem declares in Perek 14, Pasuk 24:  
וְעַבְדִּי כָלֵב, עֵקֶב הָיְתָה רוּחַ אַחֶרֶת עִמּוֹ, וַיְמַלֵּא, אַחֲרָי--וַהֲבִיאֹתִיו, אֶל-הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר-בָּא שָׁמָּה, וְזַרְעוֹ, יוֹרִשֶׁנָּה 
"But My servant Kalev – since he possessed a different spirit and was faithful to Me, I will bring him to the land into which he came, and his offspring shall inherit it" 
Rashi explains that in addition to Hashem not punishing Kalev, Kalev receives an additional reward - the city of Chevron, for himself and future generations.
It is understandable why Kalev was not punished with the rest of the people.  However, why the extra reward of Chevron?
 Rashi appreciates that Kalev received the reward which was Chevron because he articulated an opposition to the meraglim and offered strength and encouragement to the nation.  
Rav Moshe Feinstein, in Derash Moshe explains that even though the people still listened to the 10 meraglim and not Kalev, Kalev was still rewarded.  Rav Moshe explains that Kalev gave the people, albeit only a short amount of time the possibility for Teshuva.  Kalev reawakened within the people a confidence in their ability to move to go into the land of Israel.     Even though Kalev's arming himself with optimism did not result in a good outcome for the people, Kalev succeeded, for a moment, to change peoples negative attitude.  Teshuva even temporarily is an achievement. 
Even for a short amount of time, Rav Moshe explains, spiritual growth, albeit temporary, is valuable.  It is the capacity to instill within the people inspiration which rendered great reward.  

Ultimately, Kalev's optimism reignited in the people a hope, which, even though did not continue, remained a necessary aspect of the people's narrative...the possibility, even for a moment to feel bitachon in Hashem and that there could be a constructive outcome.

We must remember that positive encounters or messages are never an exercises in futility.  Our words have the capacity to positively move and impact another, no matter how short lived.
For this, Kalev is offered a great reward.

Shabbat Shalom,


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