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Making Smart Moves – How labour mobility & legal migration can make a positive contribution to European labour markets
Menno Bart, Michael Freytag

Quiet Quitting: Silently Redefining Work
Sofia Milani

Labour Markets & Reforms


Labour market flows in Q3 2022
Eurostat, December 2022


The employment effects of working time reductions in Europe
A. Garnero et al., VoxEU, CEPR, December 2022


Gender pay gap: deal reached on binding pay-transparency measures
European Parliament, December 2022


Nature-based Solutions can generate 20 million new jobs, but ‘just transition’ policies are needed
ILO, December 2022

Demography & Migratory Fluxes


Exodus of more than half a million from workforce ‘puts UK economy at risk’
R. Partington, The Guardian, December 2022


Concentration of High-Tech Workers Has Benefits — and Costs
NBER, December 2022


To Include or Not to Include? Firm Employment Decisions with Respect to the German Disabled Worker Quota
K. Hiesinger, IAB DP No. 25/2022


Language training and placement in strong labour markets promote refugees’ long-run economic integration
L. Hasager et al., VoxEU, CEPR, December 2022

Digital Work & On-demand Economy


Remote working and European private international law
Uglješa Grušić, Etui PB No. 9/2022


The rise in telework: Impact on working conditions and regulations
O. Vargas Llave et al., Eurofound RP, December 2022


Living, working and Covid-19 in the European Union and 10 EU neighbouring countries
D. Ahrendt et al., ETF, Eurofound, December 2022


Here’s what employers are cutting instead of your job
R. Molla, Vox, November 2022

Skills for the future


Trends mapping study: Digital skills development in TVET teacher training
G. Subrahmanyam, Unesco-Unevoc, 2022


What skills and abilities can automation technologies replicate and what does it mean for workers? New evidence
J. Lassébie, G. Quintini, OECD Social, Employment and Migration WP No. 282/2022


Green Skills in Vet. Final Report
SGI Europe, EFEE, Fondazione ADAPT, December 2022


Apprenticeships for office jobs can prepare downtowns for the future of work
A. Goger, T. Hadden Loh, Brookings, November 2022

Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue


Collective bargaining and spillovers in local labor markets
I. Bassier, CEP DP No. 1895/2022


Workers’ Bill of Rights for an Age of Crisis
L.J. Hendy KC, K. Ewing, IER, December 2022


Social dialogue and collective bargaining in the hospital sector during the Covid-19 pandemic
J. Arasanz, P. Sanz de Miguel, Eurofound RP, December 2022


Notwithstanding the Right to Strike: A Canadian Province Defies the Constitution — And Workers Strike Back
Harvard Law Review, November 2022

Social Innovation


An ambitious European industrial policy for a competitive and sustainable textiles and clothing sector
N. Davey, industriAll, December 2022


The Rise of Fertility Benefits at Work
OnLabor, December 2022


Pay for Work in Prison
V. Mantouvalou, UK Labour Law, December 2022


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