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A Stark Difference

Issue No. 70

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What's more expensive than getting sued over inaccessibility?

Getting sued twice over the same or different inaccessibility issues!

"Thanks to the decision in Haynes v Hooters, unless the first accessibility lawsuit filed against an organization is a class action lawsuit (a few are, many are not) other individuals may sue while your organization is:

  • investigating the details behind the first lawsuit;
  • reaching an agreement with the plaintiff in the first lawsuit, or;
  • implementing the fixes agreed in the first lawsuit.
[...] If an organization does not bake accessibility reviews into its entire change management process for both code and content, the digital property is all but guaranteed to backslide into inaccessibility. Which opens them back up for repeat lawsuits, no matter how much work went into the initial remediation."


Success is in the details: How Disney strategically focuses on the customer experience

"If an experimental Audio-Animatronic Tiki Bird was breathing, and 99% of the audience would likely never notice, would it make a difference? It did to Walt Disney.

A half-century ago during the development of the Disneyland® Park attraction, Enchanted Tiki Room, Walt watched his Audio-Animatronic birds blink, move and sing — but wondered why they didn’t breathe. Imagineers had a good answer: The soup of circuits, valves and pumps made it difficult to add an element that hardly anyone would notice. Legendary Imagineer, John Hench, said to Walt, "People are not going to get this. This is too much perfection."

Walt listened, and that’s when he shared a lesson that’s become a timeless pillar of The Walt Disney Company: 'People can feel perfection.'"

I may be in a bit of a Disney mood—more so than usual—given I just got back from a weekend there. As a designer, lover of all things magical, and generally a big fan of successful businesses, Disney is a place where all 3 of those things collide. Why? They put people first.

I know, I know. Sometimes they slip up, and within Disney, I know first hand they have their own form of red tape. But all in all, the mouse has always put the magic first. As the article states, their devotion to detail lets guests know that they’re worth the effort. And one thing you can't deny: You feel that.


Designing Out Loud: Adobe XD Announces Voice Support for Mac OS

So friends, this is really really freakin' cool. With Voice Control and Adobe XD, you can design and prototype websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and so much more — all with your voice. This completely opens up opportunities to support users with accessibility needs.

"...allows users to control their Mac using just dictation and voice commands instead of other inputs like touching, tapping, or typing on their device. With Voice Control, people have a whole new way to navigate and interact with software, and this can be particularly empowering for people with physical or motor disabilities that have difficulty interacting using their hands."

Want to give it a go? You'll need to enable Voice Control in the Accessibility section in your System Preferences for macOS Catalina.


Why Designing for Open Source Can Be So Difficult

"But open source projects often don't have that incentive. They are worked on by volunteers who give away their free time and get very little in return. 

As a result, contributors often only want to work on the fun stuff, like adding new features. But nobody wants to work on the boring, but arguably more important, things like optimisation or modifying complicated code to improve the user experience. Because after all they are doing this in their free time and most likely spent their day dealing with boring stuff at work.

In addition to all this, there is often a lack of a clear decision-making process."

From Stark

🖤 Community love of the week 

In celebrating Valentine's Day this past weekend Bruno, designer and Stark user, whipped up a good "pun-design of love" for the community—inspired by Stark! 

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