To our community,

At Stark, we firmly stand with the Black community—our team, partners, friends, and community—in the fight against the systemic racism, inequity, and injustice so deeply woven into the fabric of America.

A sustainable solution to this will happen only when people of privilege choose to dismantle a system that makes them feel special and powerful.

Many of us are all incredibly privileged, but privilege is only a dirty word if you don’t use it.

We do this through speaking up, asking the hard questions, educating ourselves, sitting with often uncomfortable conversations, showing compassion, and using that to drive change. But we’re firm believers that the world is better in color, and we are so very committed to doing our part to make it so.

To our black community, we see your color. We hear you. We are doing the work. And we are holding unlimited space for when you need to speak to any one of us.

🖤 Cat and the Stark team

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