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Issue No. 67

Hey there, friends,

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Around the web


Ship outcomes, not just features (with this framework)

Without clearly understanding what’s preventing users from taking the actions you want them to take, a team ends up hypothesizing about what the problem could be and designing features to solve this hypothesized problem. This is a common process for teams new to working on outcome-based projects, and the risk is that without first validating the hypothesized problem, you’re essentially gambling with your product development.

In this post, the folks at Intercom go through the new framework they established for shipping, once they realized how bottlenecked their team had become over a major feature. 

From what I've always understood, Intercom puts strong emphasis on shipping fast. IIRC, they ship ~80x per day and have a focus on rolling out small changes continually that can help the user. 

For us at Stark we take a different approach to speed but ultimately you have to find a cadence that works for you and your customers—whether it's the Intercom or Basecamp approach. However, the quality and approach to the features / ideas you're shipping in the first place needs to be sound. Otherwise, you're just shipping shit in a very fast manner.

- - - - -
Question: What framework do you and your team use for shipping? How has it worked so far, and what can improve?


Roles & Relationships (as it relates to ARIA)

"Sometimes after dabbling in gateway ARIA semantics like aria-current, landmark roles, and link-button hybrids, a budding accessibility practitioner might find themselves experimenting with more serious roles like menulistbox, or even treegrid. These are tantalizing, powerful patterns that allow you to create experiences that are not supported by only vanilla HTML. Unfortunately, they are also brittle; even small mistakes in using these roles can take a user on a very bad trip."

I love the breakdown of not just roles and relationships in this post, but the explanation of foundational questions folks ask when getting started, sharing what an accessibility tree is, as well as how to fix something that was done incorrectly in the first place. If we're being honest, given 99% of the internet is inaccessible, that's majority of the cases.

Podcast + Article

Who should be managing your design system? (told by Jina Anne)

Ideally, a company will have a dedicated designed system team to dictate how the system will be used across the organization. But, when staffing this team, both design, engineering, and any other relevant stakeholders should be represented to give crucial input to how it can address relevant product and customer needs. Jina says this hybrid team should have, at minimum, at least one designer and one developer who can both speak to accessibility.


Editor themes for Colorblind Devs

An awesome person that uses Stark shared this site with us the other day and we thought it was so rad. It's a community-driven resource to help colorblind devs pick the perfect editor themes. So any individual with a type of colorblindness can choose the theme that feels best for them. 

The site currently features Night Owl (@sarah_edo) and Cobalt2 (@wesbos), but they're looking for more! Have a theme that fits the site and you'd like to submit? Click the link!

From Stark

🖤 Community love of the week 

Always rad to see Product designer Alex Muench using (and promoting) Stark. He's currently using it to design accessible color palettes for some experimental work at Todoist.

💌 Have an article you wrote or found that you'd like to see in the Stark newsletter?

We're always looking to elevate folks in the community, especially our customers. Having said that, customer or not, if you wrote a post or found one that you'd love to see included in the Stark newsletter, be sure to submit them.

🐛 Bug Fixes

1. The newsletter section of our website on mobile.

2. SSL issues when folks tried accessing our site from Firefox or Chrome. We've officially moved over to Netlify. No longer a problem :)

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