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A Stark Difference

Issue No. 68

Hey there friends,

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Around the web


Amazon teams up with national charity to make the internet more accessible for individuals that are visually impaired

“Voice assistants can enable independence, helping to break down accessibility barriers to a more inclusive society. By using this technology to increase the reach of our own resources, we are ensuring that people can immediately get essential information about sight conditions, their rights, and the support available, simply by asking out loud.”

Amazon Alexa and national sight charity team Royal National Institute of Blind People teamed up to make the internet easier to use for visually impaired. Their hope is to impact up to 2 million people in the UK alone.


The Iowa Caucus has an accessibility problem

"Access to the caucuses has long been a problem in Iowa, and not just for those with disabilities. Think of the elderly, those who don’t speak English, parents of young children who can’t afford a babysitter, or folks who simply can’t take time off work to go and caucus for hours."

Just 15.7% of Iowa’s voting-eligible population participated in the #IowaCaucuses in 2016. Even during Iowa’s record-setting turnout of the 2008 elections, it was still just 16.1%. The low turnout has to do with accessibility. 


How can I get a job in D&I?

"My first piece of advice is if you care about diversity & inclusion, please do not go have a career in it. Below are my strongly considered reasons why. This is going to sound really negative, and I want to emphasize that I absolutely love my job and career. But just like a romantic partner, you need to opt into the downsides with eyes wide open if you’re going to be successful, and the job probably isn’t what you think it is."

I've said time and time again, that a design team is not just a team full of designers. And the same applies to D&I. In her post, Aubrey presses the fact that every job is a D&I job. And that in order to build an equitable, inclusive company, every single person needs to do their part in order to create more organizational impact.


Designer creates 300 emoji illustrating traditional and modern-day Africa

This is amazing. After struggling to find accurate and positive depictions of Africa for a university project, this self-taught graphic designer decided to show the world Africa through his eyes with each set depicting the 3,000+ ethnic groups within Africa.

From Stark

👀 Sneak peek at the new Stark UI tweaks 

We gave a sneak peek to everyone the other night to showcase a few UI tweaks you have coming your way very soon in addition to some new features. We're so stoked at the feedback and response to it.

🖤 Community love of the week 

This tweet from Chef Lauren Owens (! Yes, a chef. Not a designer or developer or PM) was such a huge validation on the direction we're taking Stark and the work we've put in to not just the product, but educating the community as a whole in hopes that we as a collective can grow and improve.

Thanks Chef for pointing out this menu plugin that enables a slew of accessibility features—this one specifically to read the text on the screen.

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We're always looking to elevate folks in the community, especially our customers. Having said that, customer or not, if you wrote a post or found one that you'd love to see included in the Stark newsletter, be sure to submit them.

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