Acknowledging the issues some people have had in the past with our PayPal store and following the positive feedback we received after the sale of Star, we are repeating the same method to sell Savile. When the Store opens we will sell her to the first 60 people who email us. To make the process more efficient and quicker, can you please just send one email per person. Only those who have been successful in purchasing a doll will be contacted, we apologise in advance to everyone else who emails but we are sure you will understand that it would be an impossible task to do so. When you receive an email confirming the option to purchase Savile, payment will be expected within the hour, otherwise the opportunity to buy the doll will be offered to the next person to email after the initial 60.

Please follow the instructions listed below ;
  • Only one email per customer for Savile, please do not send multiples.
  • Emails to be sent at 6pm (UK TIME) on Sunday 8th of May to:
  • Important to please note that we will only be able to reply to the lucky customers!

*Please read the above sales information carefully thank - you everyone*

SAVILE ltd 60  $695 plus shipping

Savile, featuring the Trinovantes head sculpt and cast in Cornish Sand resin, is named after the famous Savile Row in London. This renowned Mayfair street is known around the globe for their exquisite bespoke tailoring. Dressed in the finest Italian wool suiting in an expresso pinstripe with copper metallic "Marmont" heeled loafers, Savile has turquoise accents from her hand made felted floral "buttonhole" brooch to her designer inspired bag. Her exquisite copper and turquoise jewellery give a femininity to her sexy androgynous suit. Savile's chocolate brown eyes have been shadowed with a defiantly nude palette whilst her lips are a crimson pout. Her look is completed with long variegated pale sable brown hair.


We would like to thank you for your continued support.
Sending you all our love from the British Isles

Alexandra, Amanda and Sarannah
Kingdom Doll
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