Healing Impact
Holiday Greetings,
2013 has been a very productive and rewarding year at Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies, Harvard Buddhist Chaplaincy, and Mangalam. We have established a full spectrum of programs designed to support personal growth and transformation. In order to reach a wide range of community, we have offered outreach programs to out-of-state and international communities in addition to our Massachusetts community. We are very excited about the participants’ experience in these programs, and would like to share a highlight of our activities.
In Massachusetts, we offer various programs at Harvard Buddhist Chaplaincy and Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies. At Harvard Buddhist Chaplaincy, we offer interfaith discussions, silent vigil for peace, educational forums, social functions, as well as mindfulness meditation and yoga. At Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies, we have offered many teaching, meditation, and yoga retreats in addition to providing Blue Flower Calm Abiding Meditation, Mangalam Akasha Rasayana Yoga, Mangalam Svapna Yoga, and Mangalam Yantra Yoga. These authentic practices have been passed down from enlightened Indian yogi, including Mahasiddha Virupa, Naropa, and Gorakshanath through an unbroken lineage. We have also trained interns from Harvard Divinity School and in 2014 we are planning to launch a leadership program based on training of ethics, mindfulness, and wisdom. 
Khenpo Lama Migmar was performing a Buddhist Healing Ritual: Dakini's Heart-Essence Chöd during a retreat at Kripalu, MA.
This year is also marked with the launching of various programs at Mangalam to reach global audience, and it has been a very auspicious and exciting first year. At Mangalam Studio we share spiritual arts, teachings, and practices to the public. We have produced 20 videos, 16 podcast series, paintings, prayers, and other materials in the spiritual arts, teachings, and practices for the public. Our videos and podcasts have been viewed and listened to over 37,000 times in more than 90 countries in all four continents.  
We have also been working on art preservation projects, including 21 Tara thangka paintings and 108 Mahasiddha thangka paintings. The preservation of these Asian arts is very important because there are many profound teachings, mindfulness meditation, and yoga practices associated with each of these thangkas. At Mangalamkosha Publications, we have published three volumes of commentary of Mahasiddha Virupa’s mystical songs. We are also working on several books to publish in the next few years.
At Mangalam Open University, we are providing education to the public through e-learning. The education focuses on various subjects taught in six different schools: School of Language & Linguistics Science, School of Logical Science, School of Healing Science, School of Arts, School of Inner Science, and School of Yoga & Yantra. We are currently working on sharing the oral transmission, teachings, and translations of the root texts of Abhidharmakoṣa, the mother of all Dharma, and Bodhicaryāvatāra in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and English.
We are very grateful to all who have supported our programs, which are not possible without generosity, hard work, and dedication of our patrons. Moving forward, we would like to continue to expand and share our activities on study, contemplation, meditation, and yoga throughout the world. Through your support on these activities, we will share genuine love, compassion, and wisdom to benefit oneself and the whole world.
Happy holiday,
Khenpo Lama Migmar
Harvard Buddhist Chaplain, Founder and Director of Sakya Institute and Mangalam
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