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New Wyda Products in SA
Just in time for Halloween and the Festive Season we have exciting colourful new additions to our product range: the fun orange pumpkin-shape aluminium foil dish for delicious cakes and snacks around the end of October and the traditional green Christmas tree - just the right kind of dish for your fruit cakes and Christmas puddings.

Another highlight is the red 100ml muffin tray with a fitting PET lid as well as the 3,4L roasters with matching foil and board lids. Last but not least, we are launching a new 3-division container with a board lid.
Orange Halloween Pumpkin tray
Heavy Gauge 1200ml
Packed 200 / Box
Green Christmas Tree tray
Heavy Gauge 1100ml
Packed 200 / Box
W4011 + FOILLID-4011
Heavy Gauge Roaster 3,4L
Full Curl (Smooth edges)
Roaster 100 / Box
Lid 100 / Box
W4013 + B4013 (Laminated Board Lid)
Light Gauge Roaster 3,4L 
IVC Interrupted Verticale Curl (foldable edges)
Roaster 400 / Box
Lid 400 / Box
W3DIV + B3DIV (Laminated Board Lid)
3 Division, Heavy Gauge, 750ml (375+187+187)
IVC (Foldable Edges)
Container 500 / Box
Lid 500 / Box
Red heart-shaped Cupcake 100ml
Heavy Gauge (Smoothwall)
Lid 88*88*29mm
Container 2000 / Box
PET Lid 2000 / Box

We look forward to hearing from you soon to ensure you have stock during the busy season. Happy Spring! 
Kind regards from the Wyda SA team
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