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Tulip Siddiq MP

Hampstead and Kilburn
Dear David,

I am writing to explain my decision to vote against Article 50 when the Bill comes to Parliament next week.

From the moment I was elected in Hampstead and Kilburn, my priority has always been to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear in Parliament. I came into politics to make a difference and, most importantly, to represent the people of the area I have lived in for most of my life.

Our constituency overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU and I have been clear that I wouldn’t vote to trigger Article 50 unless certain guarantees were forthcoming.  

Whether it is the residential rights of EU citizens, our membership of security agencies to fight terrorism, or access to the single market to protect jobs, maintaining environmental protections or workers’ rights, the Government has offered no assurances.

As a result, I cannot at this time vote to trigger Article 50.

I deeply regret that I have had to resign my position on the frontbench, but my responsibilities lie first and foremost with the people of Hampstead and Kilburn. I hope my actions reflect that.

Best wishes, 

Tulip Siddiq MP
Member of Parliament for Hampstead and Kilburn
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