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InfoComm is always a highlight of the year for Danley Sound Labs.  This year was no different.  Thanks to everyone who came by our booth or joined us in the demo room.  We enjoyed getting to meet many folks for the first time as well as renew acquaintances with many others.  Keep reading to learn about some of the highlights from the show.
Smallest Danley Speaker Makes the Biggest Splash at InfoComm 2017  

If you attended one of Danley's demos, you were among the folks who were wowed by the new Nano.  The first demo track was played to a darkened room with no indication as to which speaker was actually playing.  When the lights suddenly shone on the Nanos, there was a great reaction:  everything from chuckles to gasps to "No way."  

Need great speakers for a restaurant, under a balcony, front fill, home theater, etc.?  The Nano may be just what you've been looking for!
Danley Contributes Technical Expertise to InfoComm University
Tom Danley and Doug Jones presented a couple of seminars on Tuesday of InfoComm.  They worked together to present "Subjective Evaluation of Loudspeakers" followed by Doug going solo to present "Point Source Speakers in a Line Array World."  Both were extremely popular.  In fact, unless you arrived early to the seminar, you had to stand by the wall or sit on the floor!

If you didn't have the opportunity to get in on the learning this year, you'll have another opportunity next summer at InfoComm 18 in Las Vegas. 
Danley InfoComm Booth Features Acoustic Levitator
Have you ever seen sound float an object in thin air?  Had you been by the Danley Sound Labs booth at InfoComm 17 you would have!  Once again, we featured Tom Danley's acoustic levitator.  A frequency of 22K at 165 dB floated multiple foam balls for everyone to see.  It generated quite a bit of conversation with folks walking the show floor.

In addition to the levitator, a large number of daily visitors to the booth were able to see and touch the new Nano and the J6.  SBH product was also on display, as was the brand new 8-channel Danley amp. 
Danley Demo Room
The Danley demo room was the place to be during InfoComm 2017.  Each demo was packed with folks wanting to hear the latest offerings from Danley Sound Labs.  In addition to the crazy, little Nano, folks were astounded by the new SM80F.  The J6 also got a lot of attention, especially when it was noted that the J6 is actually louder than the J3 but with the same amazing pattern control.  If you haven't checked out the outdoor long-range J6 demo that Mike posted a few weeks ago, click here to take a look. 
Direct 2.0

Professor Doug Jones
Since this is the first newsletter after INFOCOMM, I thought it would be appropriate to do a tech piece on the new features of Direct 2.0.  For those of you who don't know, Direct is our 3D mapping program.  It is free, easy to use, runs on MAC and PC, and arguably the most powerful direct mapping program available.  I have created a number of training videos for Direct that are available on our YouTube channel and can also be found under the Danley University page on our website.

So, here is what is new for Direct 2.0!
  • Direct 2.0 now displays in what we call relative mode.  In the past, Direct used an absolute SPL scale for mapping the coverage of a speaker, which can be confusing if you are mapping a specific frequency band.  Direct 2.0 displays, using a user selectable scale, the relative level at all 1/3 octave, 1 octave, and 2 octave centers.  The user can select either an either gradated or stepped display.  If you want to know the actual SPL as it would appear on your sound level meter, you can do so by dropping a probe anywhere in the model and reading the SPL, either Z-weighted or A-weighted.

  • Direct 2.0 can now import a full Sketchup model and display solid faces including textures in Direct, so now you are not limited to displaying a simple wireframe.  The user can turn on and off the faces and textures inside Direct. To use this feature you will have to install our new Sketchup plugin.
  • There is a new fine adjustment tool for precisely locating a loudspeaker in a model.
  • There is another new tool providing a much faster way to place speakers in models.  You simply click the mouse in the model where you wish to place a speaker, then hit the enter key.  A speaker will be placed at that location.
  • There are a whole set of new keyboard shortcuts which will make your model building much faster and easier.  All the shortcuts are listed under the configuration menu.
  • Direct 2.0 includes our 2 newest speakers the J6 and the SM80F.
If you are an experienced Direct user, we hope that you will find these now tools to be helpful.  If you haven't tried it yet, you can download it here. You can also download the new Sketchup Plugin that goes with Direct 2.0.  It is available on the same page. There is a training video for 2.0 here.

Next month we are going back to our discussion of the basics, and we are going to unpack the Decibel.
Please Help Make a Difference in Uganda
Danley Sound Labs desires to find favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.  We are always looking for ways to get involved in doing good works.  Recently we have learned of Kupendwa.  Kupendwa is a Swahili word meaning "loved."  Amy Washington, a young lady from Georgia, established an organization in Uganda that focuses on decreasing maternal and infant mortality in rural villages and communities through prenatal & antenatal checkups, prenatal vitamins, medical care and more.  She named the organization Kupendwa.  She wants these unwed teenage expectant mothers to know that they are loved.  You can learn more about the organization by going to  One of the most pressing needs they have right now is a new well.  The existing hand-dug, 100-foot-deep well is not supplying the water they need.  They need to drill a 300-foot well.  However, that will cost about $18,000.  They also need 6-7 thousand dollars to increase the security of the wall around their 22-acre compound.  There have already been break-ins where men come into the compound and steal things.  This is also a threat to the safety of the young ladies and children who are living at Kupendwa.  Water and security: very basic needs that we usually take for granted.  And yet, in Uganda, these are very pressing needs. 

Danley Sound Labs has decided that we will be a part of providing the $25,000 needed for these two projects.  We know that many in our network of reps, dealers, and fans would like to join us in this effort.  We are in the process of learning how you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Danley charitable foundation and earmark the money for Kupendwa.  A special notification will be sent out in the next few days with details.  If you prefer, you can certainly give directly to Kupendwa.  Find the details on their website.  The deadline for the gifts is August 26, 2017. 

Thanks for partnering with Danley Sound Labs as we provide for the needs of these special people!
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