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It’s that time of year! InfoComm16 is almost here and we can’t wait to share with you what Tom Danley and the team have created this year. At every InfoComm show, we strive to provide products that truly challenge the audio industry’s status quo.  This year will be no different.  We will be showing a combination of revised and brand new designs that will help you provide the best listening experience for you and your customers. The products that we will be featuring are as follows:
  • SBH20LF: Our patented paraline technology will be displayed at InfoComm16. The SBH products combine the form-factor of a traditional column with the unique performance found in Danley products.
  • GO2 8CX: Excellence is what we strive to achieve and over the past year the GO2 family has been completely re-engineered in both design and components. The GO2 series is built right here in the USA, features our patented Synergy crossover, and provides great performance in a variety of applications at an accessible price point.
  • THMINI15: Since its introduction over Ten years ago, our patented Tapped Horn design has made a name for itself and allowed us to create subwoofers with tremendous output relative to their size. The THMINI15 continues this tradition.  We have incorporated performance similar to the established TH115 in an enclosure that is much more compact.  
  • TH50: The revival of the ultimate audiophile experience.  From its introduction in 2007, the TH50 was the sub of choice for both high-end home theaters and commercial theaters.  However, due to supplier issues, production of the TH50 was suspended in 2011.  We are pleased to announce that this subwoofer is being reintroduced to the market with a redesigned driver.
  • BC218: In just a few short years, the BC218 has made a name for itself as a versatile subwoofer.  It has been installed in both high-energy live music venues as well as major D-I college football stadiums. The versatility of the BC218 doesn’t stop with its ability to be utilized in a variety of applications.  It is also able to be used in a variety of orientations; a first for the BC family.
  • J3-94: In the summer of 2010, Danley left a major mark on the audio industry by introducing the Jericho family of loudspeakers.  The Jericho horns changed the way people thought of large format loudspeakers.  Thanks to Jericho technology, the number of loudspeakers needed for a large installation is only a fraction of what is required with traditional methods.  Jericho installations in many stadiums around the US verify this reality.  We are pleased to present the newest member of the Jericho family, the J3-94. The J3-94 utilizes the same driver components as the current J3-64, but due to the increased horizontal pattern, allows for a variety of new applications.
  • DNA10KPRO amplifier: Introduced in 2015, the DNA Pro series of amplifiers represents the leading edge in amplifier design.  The DNA10KPRO amplifier is the latest addition to the series. Capable of 10,000 Watts RMS, the DNA also features state of the art integrated DSP, a logical front panel user interface, and powerful Ethernet based control.
SBH Product Improves Intelligibility at Mount Holyoke
Two Danley SBH10's and six Danley SBH20's found a new home at Mount Holyoke College's Abbey Chapel in South Hadley, Massachusetts.   CCS Presentation Systems of New England along with Danley's Skip Welch did a demonstration in the space and the college leadership were thrilled.  The resulting install gives great speech intelligibility in a chapel that has been enhanced acoustically for organ recitals.  The building was built in 1897 and seats 900.  A Skinner organ and Fisk Tracker organ are housed there for the recitals.  This beautiful, historic building now houses a state-of-the-art Danley system that is second to none.
My Sub is Faster Than Your Sub
Prof. Doug Jones
The audio world is full of people with very strongly held views! It seems that when the topic of subwoofers comes up, the opinions grow exponentially.  So, since part of my job at Danley is to fact check against the laws of Physics, which as far as we know are not negotiable, I thought it would be a good idea to challenge some widely held beliefs about subs.  This time is it is speed! Now, we all know that a dual 10-inch or a 4 X 10-inch cab is so much “punchier” then a single 18-inch cab, and we often attribute that to the fact that a 10-inch cone is less mass and can move faster than an 18-inch cone. That is true.  It takes less energy to move a small amount of mass than a large mass.   And it is true that a 10-inch speaker can move faster than an 18-inch speaker.  But, it's a question of application.  A subwoofer, at least according to our definition, is a speaker designed to work below a certain crossover frequency, to extend the low end of a full range system.   So lets look at the speed of an 18-inch driver.  Let's assume for this discussion that our crossover point is 80 Hz. The very fastest that the 18-inch driver can move is the velocity that it takes to move 80 cycles per second at its maximum output! If the driver can reproduce 80 Hz at its maximum output, it is by definition, moving fast enough! That is not a limit created by the mass of the driver, it is a limit imposed by the crossover!  A 12-inch or 10-inch driver reproducing 80 Hz at the same displacement will be moving at the exact same speed!  If the 10-inch driver is moving faster, it MUST be producing a higher frequency!  That is either distortion (bad) or a messed up crossover (also bad).  So here is the thing:  in a PA rig, unlike in a bass player rig, the “punch” comes from the alignment of the subs to the full range boxes, and the system's frequency response, not from any specific characteristic of the subwoofer. 
Next time, “What should a sub sound like?”
Danley Gives Back
Danley is proud to partner with our local school system in giving back to the community.  Here are a couple of examples: 
Charlie Cochran, a junior at West Hall High School, works at Danley Sound Labs two hours each school day as part of the Work Based Learning program.  Charlie was awarded Work Based Learning Student of the Year and was recognized by Hall County and West Hall High School.   He also earned the Georgia Best award through the Georgia Department of Labor.   We are very proud of Charlie!
On Tuesday, May 10, Danley Sound Labs' Director of Engineering, Chad Edwardson, took the opportunity to give back to our community.  He spent several hours at West Hall Middle School participating in the 7th grade career day.  Students had the opportunity to choose five topics of interest.  Chad was stationed in the "engineering" room.  Chad talked with the students about what influenced him in choosing a career in the audio industry and how his education and experiences prepared him for this field.
Chad didn't just talk about audio, he also demonstrated how speakers work.  Using a sine wave generator, Chad was able to let the students see the motion of a speaker at 7 Hz.  By increasing the frequency, Chad was able to demonstrate how the energy transfers to objects in the room and causes them to vibrate.  
Danley Sound Labs is happy to have opportunities like these to give back to our community.
Pure Groove Sound Systems And Danley Sound Labs Launch Exclusive Pro Audio Series
Pure Groove Sound Systems has announced it has joined forces with Danley Sound Labs to produce a new groundbreaking series of professional audio systems, specifically catered to the nightclub and festival markets.
The PG-J94 and the PG-96 are the first models in a brand new series exclusively designed and developed by Danley Sound Labs for Pure Groove Sound Systems. This is an unprecedented partnership in that Danley Sound Labs has never designed a line of products for anyone.
“The project with Damian and Pure Groove has been particularly exciting due in large part to their foresight and imagination,” says Tom Danley of Danley Sound Labs. “Taking our patented systems designed for the country’s largest sports stadiums and fine tuning them for the nuances and complexity of the dance music industry is an exciting new direction.”
“Having used hundreds of different sound systems over the last 20 years, I have no doubt that the new PGD line will set a new standard in sound for the entire industry," said Damian Murphy, founder of Pure Groove Sound Systems.  More Info...
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