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Greeting from Danley Sound Labs!
We hope you are doing great out there.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Danley Newsletter.  Hopefully you will find some articles in this newsletter that are informative, helpful and maybe even inspirational.  Our plan is to release the newsletter once per month in order to keep you abreast of what's happening here at Danley.  If you have questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to send them to  Enjoy!
Team Member of the Month
We are pleased to announce that we will regularly highlight a member of the Danley team and the work he/she is doing to move the company toward our vision. The Team Member of the Month for May is Noel Darby. Noel is our rep for CO, WY, UT, NM and AZ.  Here's what Joel Moak, Danley's Western Regional Manager, has to say about Noel:

"Noel works his territory very hard. He goes beyond the normal locating and meeting with contractors who use and will use our products. On a recent trip together, I was surprised when Noel pulled us into a college campus unannounced.  He searched and asked around until he found the athletics director and started talking to him about using Danley Sound Labs for their fields. Apparently Noel does this frequently at school districts and performance venues. He proactively searches out potential end-users to stimulate business interest.  In this fashion, Noel is able to secure interest, get a demo set-up, pre-close the sale making sure Danley is the solution, and gets the contractor involved.  I love his proactive approach rather than simply sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring."
Infocomm16 Hall Pass
At Danley Sound Labs, we strive each and every day to create incredible experiences in everything we do.  We invite you to share in one of those experiences at this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas, NV. We’ve listened to you, our customers, and our team has been hard at work the past year refining some current designs and creating new ones. We are excited to share these products with you. As a small way to say thank you for your support, we invite you to be our special guest and use promo code “DAN895” to receive an exhibitor hall pass free of charge. Hope to see you all there!
New Employee
Danley bolsters its support base by hiring in several departments, including engineering, product management, customer service, product assembly, communications and QC. This month we focus on product management and highlight Josh Millward, who is Danley's Systems Application Engineer.

Josh has a long history of working with professional audio systems: both live event production and a wide variety of installations. With extensive experience in networked audio systems, he has come on board with Danley Sound Labs to provide expert assistance in implementing Dante audio networks and providing network control of the DNA series DSP and amplifier products.  Josh works with customers to provide solutions utilizing Danley amplifiers for any system. He also provides customer support in the event a customer is having an issue with an amplifier. When not involved with assisting customers, he interfaces with the amplifier engineering team to provide feedback regarding features and performance. Josh is also happy to show amplifier operation and function to interested parties via trade shows and on site demonstrations. 

Feel free to contact Josh at 877.419.5805 ext. 129 or

Danley Gives Back
On Friday, April 22, Danley Sound Labs all but closed down for the day.  A large group of employees participated in a partnership event with Habitat for Humanity of Hall County.  The team made their way across town to help prepare the new location for the ReStore:  Habitat's nonprofit, home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials and more to the public at a fraction of the retail price.  Proceeds from the ReStore fund the administrative costs of the local Habitat chapter so that other gifts can go directly into building houses for needy families.  During Danley's work day, a new office was framed and dry-walled.  Special frames were built for displaying doors.  A warehouse was organized and cleaned.  Storage units were sorted and repacked.  Items were priced to go into the show room.  The Danley participants worked very hard and it made a difference.

The Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat had this to say, "You have no idea how much your team accomplished.  We are so grateful for the 'get it done' attitude that each person brought on Friday.  Truly, we can’t do what we do without people like you."

Many people tell us that Danley sounds good.  We want to be sure they also know that Danley is a company that tries to give back to the community on a regular basis.

Size Matters
When it comes to horns, size matters.  First, lets look at the basic relationship between size, frequency, and coverage pattern.
The angle of the coverage pattern and the size of the horn are inversely proportional.  This means that for a given horn size the wider coverage pattern will control the sound to a lower frequency.  In other words, a narrower horn pattern must be larger in order to have pattern control down to the same frequency as the wider horn.

The basic formula used to calculate the lowest frequency to which a horn has pattern control is as follows: Frequency of control = 1,000,000/(size of horn in inches x rated pattern
What the graphs show is that the small horn, rated at 90 degrees is only 90 degrees down to around 1500 Hz, whereas the larger horn maintains the 90 degree coverage down to almost 200 Hz. 
Why should I care??
Most everyone agrees that sound should go to where there are ears and not to walls and ceilings where there are no ears.  Indoors, sound that hits surfaces before it hits ears can result in lower intelligibility among other things.  Outdoors, sound that is not aimed at ears is simple wasted energy. 

Part of the job of a loudspeaker system is to provide “pattern control” or some way to direct the sound where it should go, and keep it from going to where it should not go.  Therein lies the rub!  There are basically 2 ways to control sound.  One way uses interference. We at Danley feel that interference is almost always a bad thing and not a very good way to control sound. We have chosen to use full range, large horns, for the simple reason they work better!  They sound better and they control better!  What’s not to like?
“If Bad Sound Were Fatal, Audio Would Be the Leading Cause of Death”  Don and Carolyn Davis.  Danley Sound Labs, the antidote!
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