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Welcome to the March edition of the Danley Sound Labs Newsletter.  Come on in and catch up on what's happening around here.  Meet our new western regional sales manager, learn about the OS12CX, meet our front office staff, and more.  Let us know if you have questions for us.  We hope you enjoy the renewal of life we see all around us in this spring season.

Loren Robinson is Danley's new Western Regional Manager

Loren Robinson joins the Danley Sound Labs team this month to fill the Western Regional Sales Manager position. Loren comes to Danley with a love for music and extensive experience in the Pro Audio industry.

After graduating from High school, Loren spent 10 years chasing the dream of being a professional bass player, ending this time period with the Frontline Records group, "Shout". From there Loren entered the Pro Audio marketplace working at Southern California based Pro Audio shop named Micworks. While at Micworks, Loren started the "Micworks Installation Division. After this, he took on the VP of Sales role at GLS Marketing, a Southern California based Sales Representation firm. After 10 years with GLS, Loren went on to Regional management positions with Renkus Heinz, Harman Pro (Crown Audio), Community Pro and Loud Technologies.

“We are quite pleased to have Loren onboard and know he will be a great asset to our dealers and reps.” says JP Parker, Director of Sales”.

Meet the Front Office staff at Danley Sound Labs:
James O'Neal
How many years at Danley? 2
How many years in the audio industry? 2

Job Title: Customer Service Rep and Trade Show Coordinator

Primary duties at Danley: Answer phones and emails, process orders, plan and coordinate tradeshows (i.e. InfoComm)   

Hobbies:  Some of my passions include UGA Football, Netflix, family, and friends
Chris Carlton
How many years at Danley? 3 years

How many years in the audio industry? 3

Job Title: Customer Service  

Primary duties at Danley:  Process Purchase Orders, Warranty, Logistics, Demo Inventory, Payment, Front Desk.   

Hobbies:  Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee.

Family:  Married to Britney and we have an infant son, Emmett.
The Brand New OS12CX
Danley is excited to introduce a new product in our OS line.  The OS12CX is a high output, fully weatherized outdoor loudspeaker in an ultra-compact box. The OS12CX combines great fidel­ity and unrivaled magnitude/phase response into an ul­tra-compact enclosure that also is impervious to weather. A heavy-duty aluminum mounting bracket and angle strap are included. 

We're excited that this new product has already been installed in a high school softball/baseball facility in Texas.  They look great!  Way to go Kevin and Romeo Music!

If you need more information, give your Danley rep a call or phone us here at Danley.
Using the Master Preset Stack
By: Josh Millward
To provide a standard minimum level of performance when using the complete Danley Sound Labs ecosystem, Danley Sound Labs has provided presets for all loudspeakers included with the DNA series amplifier. These presets automatically voice the loudspeaker to provide a linear magnitude and phase response through the loudspeaker’s operating range. However, the appropriate preset must be recalled for the appropriate loudspeaker. 
Many Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers are passive loudspeakers. This means that only a single amplifier channel is required to operate. This is convenient because the DNA Pro amplifiers allow any combination of loudspeakers to be connected and have their associated presets recalled. This allows for significant flexibility in system designs and layout. The designer is not locked into only one layout or one way of thinking. 
Recalling a preset on a specific output is a simple procedure to do via the System Engineer software. Upon connecting the System Engineer software to the amplifier and launching the amplifier’s panel on the screen, switch to the “setup” page by clicking on the page tab in the lower left corner of the amplifier panel. The panel will switch from the “gain/delay” page that it initially launches with to the “setup” page. The “setup” page is where the presets are recalled. 
On the right side of the amplifier panel’s setup page is a combo box with “component recall” listed above. By pulling down this combo box it is possible to see all the available individual presets in the amplifier. Decoding the names for which presets are which can be a little confusing from time to time. There is a document that itemizes which preset is for what specific loudspeaker. This was included in the System Engineer zip file that was downloaded from the Danley Sound Labs website. It should be located where the zip file was unzipped in this folder:
…\System Engineer 7.00.15\Loudspeaker Presets\20170424 Master Preset Stack.txt
By using the Master Preset Stack in the amplifier and the provided document that outlines which preset is for which loudspeaker, it is possible to have the appropriate Danley provided tuning for the loudspeaker being used. 
The current version of System Engineer is 7.00.15. This version is available for download from our website:
The current version of firmware for the DNA 10K4 Pro and DNA 20K4 Pro amplifiers is 1.306.
The current version of firmware for the DNA SC48 is 1.394.
Loudspeaker Master Preset Stack version is 20170424
The firmware and loudspeaker presets are included in the System Engineer download zip file for System Engineer 7.00.15.
DNA product videos can be found on our website:
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