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It is hard to believe that we are beginning the final month of 2016.  We hope it has been a great year for you and your family. 

Please take a few minutes to read through the Danley Newsletter for December.  In it you will find a brand new version of the SMLPM that makes it an incredibly versatile product.  You will also find the next article in the series on the corporate culture of Danley Sound Labs.  We’ve also included regular features like an article on Danley amplifiers and a tech topic that will really get your brain working!

Please be aware that the Danley offices will be closed December 19-31 as we celebrate the wonder of Emmanuel:  God with us!  Christmas is a wonderful time of year and we hope you enjoy the season with your family and friends.   Merry Christmas from Danley Sound Labs!
New Product Highlight

Danley’s ever-popular compact stage monitor, the SMLPM, just became even more versatile! Redesigned with a built-in pole cup, users can now mount the SMLPM on a speaker stand or above a sub using an extension pole.  One day used as a stage monitor, the next as a small PA speaker…. You decide….Please see your Danley Sales Representative for more details, pricing, and availability.

Team Members of the Month

Ludwig marketing is comprised of 2 very busy guys, Don Ludwig and Doug Prewitt who cover 9 very large states in the Mid-west for Danley Sound Labs. It is no wonder they are road bound every week, with trucks and loaded trailers that allow them to demo everything from SH-minis up to the Jericho Series products at any given time. When asked the keys to success, both Don and Doug said, “it is critical to not only technically explain how Danley technology works, but to go to all ends to make sure the potential resellers and end-users hear the difference. With today’s onslaught of social media and aggressive marketing campaigns, it can often be very difficult to separate what is fact and fiction and many resellers end up just continue to use what they have gotten comfortable with. It is even more difficult to believe Danley product can produce such loud and clear reproduction of sound with a fraction of the product required by others. “Only a demo can get the listener out of their comfort zone and then realize there is a Danley difference that will not only sound better, but be a lot more cost effective.”
Danley Gives Back
Danley Sound Labs works hard to find opportunities to do good works.  We are very proud to partner with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children of Hall County.  CASA's purpose is to provide a voice for children in court and present the best interest of the child before the court, the social service system, and community service providers, thus assuring the child's right to a safe and permanent home.  Danley's own Lawonia Freeman serves with CASA of Hall County.  Through her involvement, the Danley Team learned of the need for new toys for CASA kids' Christmas gifts.  The team took up the challenge.  We still have a couple of weeks to complete our collection.  But as you can see, we have a pretty good start.  We hope you and your company will actively seek ways to meet the needs of those less fortunate around you, especially during this holiday season.
The Danley Culture: Core Values
Back in October, we shared the Danley mission statement with you. This month, as we continue to talk about the corporate culture of Danley Sound Labs, we want to move on to core values. Here's how we define core values:
The philosophies or principles that guide our internal conduct as well as our relationships with others outside of our company.  Another way to say it more simply:  The beliefs that drive our behavior.  If we say something is a value, but our behavior isn't affected, it's not really a value.

Core Values should flow out of the foundation of the mission statement.  Visually, it would look something like this:
Core Value #1:  Integrity
Webster defines "Integrity" as:  firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: the quality of being honest and fair.
Here at Danley, we want integrity to drive our behavior every day.  We're going to do what's right.  We believe that we operate under the watchful eyes of a Holy God and we want to find favor in His eyes.  We also depend upon our dealers, reps, suppliers, customers, etc.  We want to find favor in their eyes by doing what's right.
Integrity may be on the list of our core values, but it only becomes real when the folks we relate to day to day see Danley people demonstrating integrity. 
Saving Presets and Snapshots with PodWare 
Danley Sound Labs provides DSP configurations for all models of Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers for use with the Danley Sound Labs DNA series products. These products include: DNA 5K4c, DNA 10K4 Pro, DNA 20K4 Pro, and DNA SC48. These presets always include limiter settings, high pass, low pass, and equalization filters as necessary to provide optimum performance from the specific loudspeaker.
The DNA 5k4c amplifier is unique in that it is unable to store a library of presets. This means that a single preset for the given loudspeakers that are to be connected to the amplifier must be loaded into the amplifier. These presets are available from customer support at Danley Sound Labs. Please contact customer support to provide information regarding the amplifier and loudspeaker configuration. An appropriate preset will then be provided. 
The DNA 10k4 Pro, 20K4 Pro, and SC48 all store a complete library of presets for the TH, SM, SH, SBH, OS, Go2, DTS, DBH, CS, and BC series of products. It is easy to recall presets for Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers. To recall a preset for a passive loudspeaker with the PodWare software, go to the “setup” page in PodWare and pull down the “component recall” combo box for the desired output and choose the appropriate preset. To recall a preset for a biamped loudspeaker with the PodWare software, go to the “setup” page in PodWare and pull down the “module preset recall” combo box in the input DSP section and choose the appropriate preset. You should notice that two outputs will be aggregated on that input DSP to facilitate two output channels. Please contact customer support if you have any questions or for more in depth assistance. 
After the new year, the DNA series products (except the DNA 5K4c) will start shipping with the presets pre-loaded. The presets will remain available in the PodWare download, as they are now. 
The current version of PodWare is 6.24.04. This version is available for download from our website:
The current version of firmware for the DNA 10K4 Pro and DNA 20K4 Pro amplifiers is 1.238.
The current version of firmware for the DNA SC48 is 1.364.
Loudspeaker Master Preset Stack version is 20161020
The firmware and loudspeaker presets are included in the PodWare download zip file for PodWare 6.24.04.
Tech Corner
Power ratings of speakers and amps 
part 3
Prof. Doug Jones
We now come to the final chapter on speaker power and amplifiers!  Is that a sigh of relief I hear? First, we looked at how speakers are rated Then, last time I offered a better way to think about matching an amp to a speaker.  Start with figuring out how loud you need it at what distance.  Once you know that number, you can start looking for a loudspeaker and an amplifier to drive it.  Ok.  Let's say you need to achieve 90 dB SPL at 150 feet, and you want at least 10 dB of headroom.  So, let's look for a loudspeaker that will deliver 100 dB SPL at 150 feet.  Click Here to continue reading.... 
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