News from Sector 2337 // January 29, 2018
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Winter Exhibition Announcement

Lou Mallozzi

Feb 16-Apr 15
Opening Reception Fri Feb 16 @ 6-9pm

The Green Lantern Press is pleased to present 1:1, a site-specific installation by Lou Mallozzi based on two 2005 excavations from Krems-Wachtberg, an archeological site near Vienna where the artist was in residence in 2015. The first excavation, dated to 25,000 BCE, features the oldest known burial of two infants in a single prepared grave. The second, from the same period, includes one of the oldest painted objects ever recovered, a piece of ivory with eleven stripes of red ochre. Though the find has unprecedented historical merit, Mallozzi’s initial response was emotional, triggered by the care taken for the twins’ burial. Out of this, Mallozzi began an investigation that framed the dig within a contemporary art context: How do archeologists exploit the slight horizontal differences between topological layers, and how does this horizontal difference become vertical as a dig deepens? What presence does red ochre add to the marking of history in dirt and fragments? How does forensic cataloging double museum cataloging? Curated by Devin King with help from Caroline Picard + Sharmyn Cruz Rivera.

Lou Mallozzi (b. 1957) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work often focuses on sound, language, and acousmatics. During his more than three decades of interdisciplinary arts practice, he has performed, exhibited, and broadcast in a number of venues in the US and Europe, including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Arts Club Chicago, The Renaissance Society, Randolph Street Gallery Chicago, Podewil Berlin, TUBE Audio Art Series Munich, Bayersicher Rundfunk Munich, New American Radio, Experimental Intermedia New York, Ausland Berlin, Radiorevolten Festival Halle, Constellation Chicago, and many others.
Celebrating the Second Edition of
The Brightest Thing in the World:
3 Lectures from the Institute of Failure 

Reading + Conversation with
Jen Bervin + Matthew Goulish

@ The Seminary Co-op Bookstore

Sat Feb 3 @ 4:00pm - 5:30pm
5751 S Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60637

Jen Bervin and Matthew Goulish read from their latest works, Silk Poems and The Brightest Thing in The World: 3 Lectures from the Institute of Failure.

About Silk Poems: In conjunction with Tufts University’s Silk Lab’s cutting-edge research on liquified silk, Jen Bervin wrote a poem composed in a six-character chain that corresponds to the DNA structure of silk; modeled on the way a silkworm applies filament to its cocoon. This poem, written from the perspective of the silkworm, explores the cultural, scientific, and linguistic complexities of silk written inside the body.

The Brightest Thing in The World: 3 Lectures from the Institute of Failure is a collection of essays that touch on seating strategies, Dick Cheney, cuckoo clocks, the Fibonacci series, butterflies and old friends. These threads weave together like a tapestry and by their accumulated resonance create an impression of loss and longing. As in Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn, the reader passes through an associative experience. These are the essays of a poet; like a performance of words, each verb is as active as a muscle. While every sentence tends to its end, the reader resists its inevitable conclusion. Layout and design by Sonnenzimmer with a new cover to commemorate the book's second edition. Published by the Green Lantern Press.

Jen Bervin is an interdisciplinary artist and poet whose research-driven works weave together art, writing, science, and life. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is held in more than thirty collections, including The Walker Art Center and The J. Paul Getty Museum. She has published ten books, including Silk Poems and Gorgeous Nothings: Emily Dickinson’s Envelope Poems, named a Best Book of the Year by Hyperallergic and The New Yorker. Jen Bervin’s work receives support from Creative Capital and the Rauschenberg Foundation, and can be viewed on her website.

Matthew Goulish is dramaturg and sometime-performer with Every house has a door a performance group he co-founded with Lin Hixson. His books include 39 Microlectures – in proximity of performance (Routledge, 2000), The Brightest Thing in the World: 3 lectures from The Institute of Failure (Green Lantern Press, 2012), and Work from Memory (with the poet Dan Beachy-Quick, Ahsahta, 2012). His essays have appeared in Art Journal, The Drama Review, PAJ, and the books Performing Cities (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), and Beckett and Musicality (Ashgate, 2014). He teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Coming Soon - Green Lantern Press Publication Launch 

a book about
Ellen Rothenberg

Contributions by Mark Booth, Alexandria Eregbu, Simone Forti, Becky Grajeda, Hannah B Higgins, Terri Kapsalis, Tim Kinsella, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Dao Nguyen, Caroline Picard, Jeffrey Skoller, and Shawn Michelle Smith
Coming March 16, 2018


Shadowed! confronts the slippage of time and action within Ellen Rothenberg’s exhibition elsetime. Sweeping through the studio of Bertolt Brecht, Woodstock in the sixties, Berlin in the nineties, and the Syrian protests of today, Shadowed! projects a dispersive, unfolding temporality. Beginning with a suite of elsetime photographs, the book continues with reflections on the show by Hannah B Higgins, Jeffrey Skoller, Caroline Picard, and Shawn Michelle Smith—spreading out from there into an artist’s archive that includes scanned fragments of writings by Stefan Brecht, Allen Ginsberg, Angela Davis, and transcribed contributions from Simone Forti. A subsequent section includes documentation of performances produced in response to elsetime by artists, activists, and musicians Mark Booth, Alexandria Eregbu, Becky Grajeda, Terri Kapsalis, Tim Kinsella, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Dao Nguyen. Shadowed! ends with the transcript of a public conversation that took place within the original exhibit, capturing a discussion that incorporates an active audience. By layering these performative, photographic, and written encounters, Shadowed! allows the afterimage of an exhibition to unfurl beyond the gallery, beyond this book, and into its own elsetime.

"Ellen Rothenberg’s multimodal installation elsetime interlaced performance actions, installation, objects, public invitations to fellow artists, and visual essays. In this beautiful and thoughtfully designed book, you’ll find each of these aspects explored anew as though readied for further action. New pieces by collaborators enter the scene and become enmeshed in photographic echoes from ‘60s collective rallying, music documentary, contemporary migrancy, material icons, and the live events generated during the exhibition. The great exclamation mark of the title brings all these absents squarely into view, while posing the pressing question: how does one avoid reenacting shadows from the past!" —Caroline Bergvall, artist, writer, performer, and author of Drift.
Associated Green Lantern Press Publications

The second contribution in the On Civil Disobedience series, "Song of the Andoumboulou: 206½" by Nathaniel Mackey, will soon be available for purchase and can be previewed here.

On Civil Disobedience is a monthly pamphlet series featuring writers from a range of professional backgrounds to contribute essays addressing the title topic. The series will recall historical precedents set by Thoreau, Gandhi, King, Arendt and others while considering the pamphlet’s important role in American revolutionary history. Filtering civic responsibility through the combined awareness of histories and disciplines, we hope these essays will ask how citizenship and resistance intersect within the pledge of democratic ideals. Designed by Dakota Brown, confirmed contributors thus far include Ravi Agarwal (Environmental Activism), Robin Blaser (Poetry), Romi Crawford (Race and Affect Theory), Ilona Gaynor (Design), Stephen Lapthisophon (Art and Theory), Nathaniel Mackey (Poetry), Abhishek Narula (Data Engineering), Nina Power (Feminist Theory), and Jennif(f)er Tamayo (Poetry). Subscribe online here. Series launched Fall of 2017. Annual subscribers receive 12 issues of On Civil Disobedience once a month by mail (shipping included), receive a free tote bag, and have the first opportunity to RSVP to monthly reading groups that meet at Sector 2337 to discuss each pamphlet. Your support goes towards writer honorariums as well as printing and design costs affiliated with the series. Go here for more info.

Digital project launch of Letter to a Young Doctor by Johanna Hedva on Triple Canopy, an epistolary essay on the terms of engagement between patient and doctor. The publication is part of This Earth Our Hospital – an ongoing series of essays and performances meditating on the politics of sickness, disability, and healing. On March 10, 2018 Johanna Hedva will present a reading from the collection, followed by a conversation with Sara Cluggish, Co-Director of FD13 Residency for the Arts in Minneapolis/St. Paul and a Q&A session. 
Mark Your Calendars 

FEB 16: Opening Reception, 1:1 Lou Mallozzi, 6-9PM
MARCH 16:  Shadowed! Launch at Ace Hotel Chicago
MARCH 10: Johanna Hedva - This Earth, Our Hospital, reading, 7-9PM
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