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Dear Alumni and Friends,

With spring term underway, we are just a few short weeks away from Commencement and the end of an academic year unlike any in memory. 

I want to recognize the creativity and dedication of our faculty and staff — as well as our many alumni and stakeholders — who have kept our research, education, and public service missions going. In particular, I want to commend their outstanding efforts to support our students.

One student shared the following about two of his professors: “[They] went beyond academics. I could tell they really cared about their students as people and took into account things that happen outside of the classroom.”

I also want to acknowledge the tremendous research that has continued through the pandemic. A recent analysis found that a number of our faculty rank among the world’s top 2% of scholars in their respective fields, including Christopher Daly, Elain Fu, Kaichang Li, Gregory L. Rorrer, Lewis Semprini, and Brian D. Wood. 

As I look ahead to the end of the year and as we plan for the next, I am encouraged by a strong sense of optimism for the future of CBEE. After reading this newsletter, I hope you share that feeling too.

Gregory S. Herman, Ph.D.
Head of the School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Professor of Chemical Engineering
James and Shirley Kuse Chair in Chemical Engineering
Dam Proud Day Beavs Give

Dam Proud Day is coming  

On April 28, our annual day of giving, Beavs across the globe will rally together around a common goal of showing how Dam Proud they are of Oregon State. Your support ensures future Oregon State Engineers are equipped with the real-world experience, knowledge, and skills they'll need to meet the toughest challenges ahead. Learn more ...

Sewer tracing covid

Tracking coronavirus through
the sewers 

What can wastewater tell us about the spread of disease? In this episode of Engineering Out Loud, listeners hear from Tyler Radniecki, associate professor of environmental engineering, and Christine Kelly, professor of bioengineering, who are leading the effort to monitor Oregon’s wastewater streams for coronavirus. Learn more ... 

Chih-Hung Chang

Chang named fellow by National Academy of Inventors 

Chih-Hung Chang, professor of chemical engineering, was named a fellow by the National Academy of Inventors. His work has led to advances in solar energy, medical imaging, electronic noses, smart fabrics, and other flexible, wearable electronics. Learn more ...

Celebrating women in engineering

Videos from the College of Engineering's Celebration of Women in Engineering event are now available online. Women from the faculty speak about their experiences in academia: how they broke through barriers, made impacts through research, and are guiding the next generation of engineers. CBEE faculty featured include Tala Navab-Daneshmand and Kelsey Stoerzinger. Learn more ...

Brewing up refreshing research

Chemical engineering major Riley Humbert has spun her interest in home brewing into a honors thesis about the how a wild yeast affects the fermentation and flavor of beer. Learn more ...

Alloy improves battery storage

Researchers led by Zhenxing Feng, assistant professor of chemical engineering, have developed an anode based on a new alloy that could revolutionize the way batteries are designed and manufactured. "Our work shows the commercial potential for large-scale manufacturing of these batteries,” Feng said. Learn more ...

Wearable electronics 

Chih-hung Chang, professor of chemical engineering, and collaborators at Rutgers University have developed a stable ink that can be used to print electronic circuits directly onto woven polyester. The advance could lead to electronic shirts that keep the wearer comfortably warm or cool, as well as medical fabrics that deliver drugs, monitor the condition of a wound, and perform other tasks. Learn more ...

CBEE student pipetting

Oregon State, UO combine strengths in bioengineering doctoral program  

Oregon State University’s College of Engineering and the University of Oregon’s Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact are combining strengths on a joint bioengineering doctoral program that will provide students access to courses, facilities, and faculty at both institutions. Learn more ... 

OSU spinout nets $278 million IPO 

Outset Medical, a medical technology company founded on intellectual property related to blood dialysis created by multiple Oregon State researchers, including Goran Jovanovic, professor of chemical engineering, has become the first Oregon State spinout to go public, raising nearly $278 million in its initial public offering. Learn more ...

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