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hello hello!

April brings still blue skies and just a hint of woodsmoke. It's Easter and falling leaves, crisp nights and almost-warm days. April is simply glorious.

From setting the scene for Easter to getting out in the garden to wondering about the state of the world - April allows us to retreat back home after the whirlwind of summer. April is simply simple.

Let's face it, each month is uniquely blissful and I don't want to let a single one pass me by without celebrating its wonder. I'm so glad you've joined me! x



April is the month for giving the house a big clear out ready for Easter celebrating and cosying up to winter. Come on, don't be scared!

Clean your house from top to bottom
0 homemade natural cleaners
Autumn is my favourite season for blue-sky weather (and sunsets, oh the sunsets!). This is the season to plant roses, citrus trees and lots and lots of bulbs for a springtime surprise.

Autumn jobs in the garden
Bulk buy bulbs ready for planting
How to grow your own mushrooms


Cactus are so-hot-right-now... well, they should be! I'm calling it! It's time for cacti to shine. Rebel against the spring-appropriate bunnies and chicks this Easter with an abundance of cacti. Totally easy-care when they're cutesy fake.

Here are a few not-too-hard crafty tutorials for making one of your own. Just quietly, I doubt I'll attempt the knitting...
Paper crafty cactus
Knit your cactus via Ravelry
Cactus (and sad ol' succulent) letter planter
April days means no more daylight savings and, for me, a return to quieter pursuits. I bake so much more in autumn and winter - do you think it's a comfort thing. Or just a boiling-hot oven thing?



Some thoughts from my blog and elsewhere that you might have missed. Thanks so much for reading.
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Winning the parenting lottery
If you're not on Facebook, where are you?


I always think we need a holiday-dream to warm us right through the colder months. We are planning a trip to Fiji for Max's 10th birthday sometime after May and Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is high on our list of places to be! It will be our first overseas trip as a family, something I am quite amazed about as Bart and I have always been such huge travellers. It's time to get those kids started!

Are you planning a lovely holiday somewhere? Have you been to Fiji? What can you recommend?

Enjoy your April! 

Until next month, I'll see you at Maxabella loves... Thanks, as ever, for being part of things.
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