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Well gosh now, would you look at that...

It's spring, so I'm letting the springshine in and I've had a complete revisit of my blog. You see, I decided that I was more in love with my 'thoughtful, heartfelt living' tagline than I was with my name. So... I changed it. Maxabella still loves lots and lots of stuff, but I particularly love heartfelt living. Earnest, conscientious, thoughtful living.

I moved the blog over to Wordpress with a lot of help from my dear friend Kelly Exeter. Kelly is the ultimate person to work with on anything I reckon - she is gently guiding, has no time for procrastination and she provides the most amazingly wise feedback. Thank you, Kelly. You have often proved yourself to be a loyal and wonderful person and this is no exception. Thank you. Thank you.

I hope you'll pop over today and have a little look around. Please let me know what you think (just hit 'reply' on this email and fire away!).

Moving the blog across and developing Heartfelt Living has been tremendously reinvigorating. I think there just might be some life left in this old blogger after all...

You honestly can't let spring pass you by without doing a big clear out. You weren't thinking you could get away without one, were you? Just get in there and do it, I promise you will feel 100 sorts of amazing.

Here's how we're springing on the blog:

A very good place to start
Let go of the unnecessary
Get yourself a quaint stationery caddy
Clear out just one bag... just one
How to make life simpler
I'm busy making the invitations for our last birthday party of the year (phew!). Arabella has elected to have a 'tropical island' theme (interpreted from 'I want a Fiji party'). We are going to have a ball putting this one together.

You might like to try your hand at:

Hand stamping
Hand lettering
Letter boxing
Box crafting (image: Mer Mag)
Crafting animals
Animal animating

I honestly had no idea what to expect from a "Medieval Faire" complete with mead, garb and jousting - actual jousting! I'll tell you all about it on the blog on Tuesday morning, but it's fair to say that it takes a special kind of person to go all medieval each weekend...

More things you might like from the blog:

How to fit it all in
A marshmallow and chocolate afternoon
earning how to be a fitness nut (hopeful)
Kids at the Archibald
Tips for coping when you're 'on show'
Just of a summer vegetables hatching from my spring-planted seeds. Tomatoes, capsicum, rocket, carrots and cucumbers - we are growing a salad!

Our winter 'crop' was not abundant. There was no glut. Apparently all that chicken poo in the compost has made a nitrogen-rich permaculture garden that grows leaves and no vegies. Hopefully the addition of a little potash in the soil will fix that for the spring 'harvest'. Or not. I have no idea what I'm doing.

'Til next time, see you on the blog.

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