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When did May get here exactly?

I promise I'm not going to start each month with a "where has the year gone" ramble, but, seriously, how is it May? May is one month short of half a year whizzed by and I've got absolutely nothing to show for it.

Now, when I was younger and wiser (as we all are, of course), that thought would have freaked me out. I was a 'do-er' back then. I read books called things like "The Power of NOW", "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" and "Blink" (Eckhart Tolle, Susan Jeffers and Malcolm Gladwell respectively if you're interested!). I believed that being busy, working towards personal goals and trying incessantly to improve myself meant that one day, some day I would be ridiculously happy. All it really meant was that I was ridiculously self-absorbed.

They say beauty comes from within, which is surely true, but happiness, I think, comes from without. It's only through reaching out to others, putting others' needs first and putting your energies into doing things for and with others that true happiness is touchable. The kind of stuff that makes you want to live forever.

So May, huh? May is the month for letting our need to start bunkering in against the cold remind us that we actually should be reaching out.



Tomorrow (May 2) is Starlight Day. This year we are urged to 'give the gift of play'. I'm making a donation  to help challenged kids play the way they want to and also making time to play with my own kids. It's something I'm guilty of not making time for enough. Bring on the Twenty Questions, loom bands and whatever complicated boy game Max dreams up...

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While I totally admire those that run a marathon (or even half of one), I'm just not the marathon running type at all. But I do like a good walk and while I'm no longer preparing to walk 100km for Oxfam, I'll definitely be out enjoying the Autumn sunshine.

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I know I'm supposed to be over the woodland thing, but I just can't let it go. Mushrooms are springing up all over the garden every time it rains. I could forage for dinner in the backyard, but no doubt I'd poison the fam. I think I'll stick to making fake ones...
Dearest Jackdaw paper mushrooms
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May is broccoli time! I always think 'broccoli' looks incorrectly spelled. But whilst orthographically challenging, broccoli is the easiest thing to grow in the world (except maybe for rocket, which you can also stick in now) and it's even easier to make yummy dishes using broccoli as your base.



Back in the day, I studied Othello for HSC English and the "appearance versus reality" theme is one that stayed with me forevermore. How we think things will be and what they turn out to be are generally vastly different. Often in a good way.

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Is it okay if your dreams become smaller as you get older? Does it mean you've 'failed' your younger, hungrier self? Or does it simply mean that with age comes the ability to adjust our expectations to those we can contentedly, quietly achieve? You can hit 'reply' to this email and tell me how you feel about it all.

For me, well, I think we all need to 'stretch' in life, but I don't believe the silliness of adages like "if you can dream it, you can do it". People place ridiculous expectations on themselves and there are such a lot of unhappy people around. Motivational quotes... what are they motivating us for exactly?

We are not all destined to lead big lives. Finding my dreams peppered within the small is where I'm at these days. Moments that leap out at me, knocking on my consciousness and saying "you're here, we've arrived."

Enjoy your May! 

Until next month, I'll see you at Maxabella loves... Thanks, as ever, for being part of things.
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