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This month the family tripped to Mullum Music Festival (the road kind, not the mushroom kind) (just thought I'd better mention that as it's Mullumbimby and all) and it was splendid. I'd urge any family to give a flash mob a go for sure... Matter of fact, I'd urge every family to try any of these 52 cool things for families to do.

Other things we've been doing:

Finding 10 destination cafes in Sydney
Agreeing 10 things parents do that matter
Randomly discussing pregnancy
Getting better at photography
I'm quite addicted to the lavender play dough we've been making. Making little things while the lavender scent fills the air is rather soothing. Sadly, it doesn't seem to cure my ridiculous insomnia, but you can't have everything, can you? Can we? Can we have everything? And do your kids still like play dough? Do you?

Other things we've been making:

A super-handy everyday go bag
A pineapple stamp (not yet, but soon!)
Afternoon snacks (lots of them!)
Blueberry banana bread
The cutest Christmas envelopes
I had quite a rough time of it this month, which led me to lots of reflection and rambling, as I am prone to do. I was trying to figure out why we are all so unsettled lately and I think we worked out that it's just that time of year. It's hard to stay upright when the world is so shaky, that's just the way it is. Thank goodness for the power of magic days.

More things we talked about:

The amazing wisdom of Dolly Parton
Helping kids march to their own beat
Things to ask your child about their day
The thing that most haunts us
I got a bran nu do this month and I'm more than a little bit in love with myself. I've had long, rather boring hair for... well, pretty much my whole life. I had a radical short cut in 1985 that was part mullet part wookiee and completely understood, but was no less devastated, when my older sister's friends started calling me Chewbacca (many still do). Understandably that was it for me and hair cuts for the next thirty years...

This new cut is a bit of a 'reverse mullet' (as my friend Kim-Maria from Kimba Likes calls it) - party at the front, business at the back. You could say it's 1985 all over again, but this time I'm rocking it with my head held high.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations. I'm going to send out a round up of Christmas goodies via newsletter in the next couple of weeks so be sure to unsubscribe from my newsletter list if that sounds totally awful.

'Til next time, see you on the blog.

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