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Jonathan Creaghan

The other day a client mentioned that he still uses the tools and language learnt from the Total Leader management training he took with his team four years ago. He related how one of his new managers has a tendency to use a lot of excuses for not getting something done on time. My client challenged him on this behavior by using the concept we teach called "Making S#!t Up". He didn't believe the manager was lying, rather pointed out to him that by focusing on making excuses (#1 on the list) the real problem for the delay wasn't being addressed. Their meeting ended with laughter and agreement as they reviewed all six on the list.

Making S#!t Up is a simple communication tool that everyone understands very quickly and can apply instantly. 

We are talking about...

The importance of being happy
at work... and at home

Fundamentally all the tools and programs an organization offers on leadership development  and communication should not just be meant to make a business more productive, but also have a positive impact on the lives of their employees at home.  For us there is only your life and all the different events, locations and people that make up every day you are alive.  Sometimes you are working on a project with peers, sometimes you are out with friends socially, and other times you are with the people you love.

Your life is a totality with no separation.  This idea of no separation is becoming even more common as people are able to work for their employers at  home, while others actually run businesses from their home.

Discovering your  happiness is really about constantly recognizing and celebrating little wins and good experiences that make life satisfying. 

For instance, a company president used our communication tools on "Implementing Change" to teach his son how to drive a car. He began by assessing his son's level of understanding about driving, what he knew and what he didn't, then tapped into his motivation to being independent, and followed the simple idea of moving someone from understanding to applying it to real life. All together the father was able to stack small driving experiences on top of each other over time. While tapping into his son's excitement for independence to move the learning along.

By applying these simple ideas, my client was able to teach his son to drive with little conflict and allowing them to share an experience.

For me that story was more important than if he had told me the company had won a large contract. It's in the little experiences where life exists and the smile comes to your face.  

Look for our upcoming LinkedIn article on other ways to use the "Performance Learning Spiral" at work and home.

Jonathan Creaghan

Ponder This

is about

Meeting people at their level of understanding

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In these days of "Alternate Facts" & "Fake News".
MAKING S#!T UP is about interpretations, opinions, and embellishments.
Become a better leader and communicator by catching when you or someone else does this.
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Duxter's Leap

EVERY SUCCESS is a worthy success and should be packed away for safe-keeping

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Performance Learning Spiral

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