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Charlotte Henskens (Director of Sales) and Clement Magar (General Manager) will be attending TIFF from September 6th to September 11th. 

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Meetings will take place at EFP stand 24 in the Hyatt. 

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Up The Mountain
Docu-drama, completed - By ZHANG Yang, Dali Trilogy 1

Fortissimo Films proudly announces a new cooperation with acclaimed director ZHANG Yang, who is completing three films all shot in Dali (Yunnan, China).

ZHANG Yang directed Soul on A String (Golden Horse Film Festival, 2016), Paths of the Soul (Camerimage, 2016), Getting Home (Audience Choice Award at Golden Horse, 2007), Sunflower (Silver Seashell at San Sebastian, 2005), Shower (Audience Award at IFFR, 2000).
SHEN Jianhua, an artist originally from Shanghai, has been living in a small, remote village in Yunnan Province with his family for many years. By teaching art to the local community, SHEN has made an impact on their lives. Being influenced by his modern lifestyle, his apprentice Dinglong, decides to move to the city.
Mao Mao Cool
Docu-drama, Post-Production - By ZHANG YangDali Trilogy 2
The film follows QU Hongrui during his final exam at the Mao Mao Cool Primary School in Da Li, Yunnan Province. Accompanied by a guardian, kids explore the town of Da Li, participating in a series of specifically designed tasks aimed at training their cognitive, reasoning and emotional control abilities. The film documents the series of events between QU Hongrui, his classmates and the people of Da Li.
Voice of Dali
Documentary, Post-Production - By ZHANG Yang, Dali Trilogy 3
In Dali, throughout all seasons, the animals, plants and the beautiful scenery come together and produce the most enthralling symphony of nature. People that live here are also part of this fantastical natural rhythm. The film documents, rearranges and presents both the sounds of nature and of human origins. 
Thriller, Turkey, Post-Production

By Ali Aydin, director of Küf (Luigi De Laurentiis Award at Venice Film Festival, Silver Alexander Award at Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2012).

Architect Hakan and his wife Nihal have been married for many years. Shortly after they find out that Nihal is unable to have children, Nihal disappears. While frantically searching for his wife, Hakan makes painful discoveries about himself and his surroundings. His image of a good husband gets violently damaged as the film goes on.
The Enigma of Arrival
Drama, China, Post-Production

By SONG Wen, director and co-founder of FIRST International Film Festival (Xining, China).
After many years, a group of high school friends reunite. They have not seen each other since the disappearance of Dongdong, a girl that they all secretly fancied. The circumstances of her disappearance caused the end of their friendship. Although a long time has passed, there are still things unspoken about what happened.
The Pencil
Drama, Russia, Post-Production
By Natalya Nazarova, director of The Daughter (FIPRESCI Awards at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Warsaw IFF, 2012). 

After her husband is arrested, Antonina leaves her comfortable life in Saint Petersburg to follow him to the northern province of Russia. She finds a job as an art teacher at a local school and is determined to lift the spirits of the downtrodden children in her class. However, she quickly discovers that the power in the school belongs to a 12-year-old boy Misha, whose brother is a feared local gang leader. Despite the warnings, Antonina stands up to the boy who bullies and tortures his classmates and the teachers.
Uncle and House 
Comedy, China, Post-Production - 
By LUO Hanxing
When Xiao Bang returns to China after studying abroad, he starts a debt collection business with two friends. Their methods are unconventional, a style somewhere between gangster, intellectual and hippie. Xiao Bang has a 11-year-old brother Liu Dun, whose classmate Dong Rui thinks he's dying. In exchange for 100 yuan, Dong Rui asks Xiao Bang to help him scare off his love rival. The 100 yuan note travels from hand-to-hand in the neighborhood, drawing a vivid portrait of the community.
Amsterdam - Beijing
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