As the new year begins, January is a great time to complete some key action steps
in the college process, listed below for grades 9-12.
Happy New Year! As the new year begins, it is a great time to check in with yourself and set some goals to finish the year strong. Please remember to set up and carefully monitor your application portals. Application portals show you when your application is complete and ready for review. They often also show your admissions decision. Click HERE to see some tips on what to do once you receive your early decision news. If you were deferred from a college and you remain interested, write an email about your continued interest and include updates and additions to your application. Click HERE for more tips on how to navigate the deferral process. Make sure you are taking time to reflect on your list - should you expand or compress your options? Confirm with your school guidance office that your grades are being sent to the colleges to which you are applying. This is the Mid Year Report on the Common Application. Additionally, click HERE for information about how to update SSAR. If you are invited to interview at any colleges, click HERE to read some tips to keep in mind to ace the interview.  

Heading into your final semester, make sure to take some time to recharge, spend time with family and friends, and don’t worry about what is out of your control!
As the new year begins, it is a great time to focus on some goals or resolutions focused on your college process. For example, arrange a professional shadowing experience that aligns with your interests and goals, or plan visits to a number of colleges on your list. Click HERE for more examples and ideas. As you continue to refine and research the schools on your exploratory list, explore different settings and locations to see what might be right for you. Click HERE for some questions and tips to help you find your ideal college location.  If you have not already, make sure you sign up for admission mailing lists and start showing interest in the programs. Remember to use all of the resources available to you  - click HERE  to see some of CACG's favorite books and HERE for a list of helpful websites that can also support your search. Check to see if there are any colleges that will be visiting with your school or in your local area, in person or virtually. Click HERE for a list of questions that can be asked on tours, at info sessions, in interviews, and to current students or faculty. 
As the year begins, look for opportunities to deepen your involvement in both your academic and extracurriculars. Build a trajectory toward leadership positions. This is a great year to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Continue to work on developing a list of exploratory colleges and conduct preliminary research on schools you might be interested in attending. Click HERE to see some of CACG's favorite books and HERE for a list of helpful websites that can aid in your list building and help you get to know schools in a meaningful way.

Take the PSAT as well as the PreACT if they are offered at your school. Additionally, mock tests, commonly available with test preparation groups, are a great way to determine your preferred standardized test. Begin to create your individual standardized testing plan. Think about scheduling a meeting with your school counselor to select your 11th grade classes. Continue building a relationship with your counselor by meeting regularly. Now is the time to start thinking about your summer plans. Use your summer wisely. Take the opportunity to do something you care about. Options include a job, internship, a camp, volunteer experience, or a summer learning program. Remember to work hard and get to know your teachers. Ask for help when you need it.

Happy New Year! As you head into your second semester, take time to check in with yourself and set intentions for the remainder of the year. Continue building out your resume and update it as you get involved in more extracurriculars and activities. If you have not already, make sure that you meet with the counselor at your high school and start building a relationship with them by meeting regularlyIt is a great time to start thinking about your plans for this summer. Make sure you use your summer wisely. Take advantage of  the opportunity to do something you care about. Some options include getting a job, internship, working at a camp, volunteer experience, or a summer learning program. Remember to keep working hard and get to know your teachers. Ask for help with you need it!

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