November is a great time to complete some key action steps
in the college process, listed below for grades 9-12.
Stay on top of upcoming December, January, and February application deadlines. Take time to reflect on and review your Common Application, personal essay, and school specific supplemental essays! If you are having trouble with the activity section, click  HERE f or some tips on how to get started and master the section. Ask a counselor, parent, and or peers you trust to review your work. If you are trying to decide whether or not to submit your test scores to a test optional school, click HERE for more information that can help you make that decision. Also, spend time researching your schools and be aware that some colleges offer Early Decision 2. Please remember to set up and carefully monitor your application portals. Application portals show you when your application is complete and ready for review. They often also show your admissions decision.

Make sure to complete financial aid forms. To learn more about financial aid applications and the process, click HERE.

 If time allows, continue visiting colleges on your list that you are considering attending. As holiday break nears, remember to remain focused and work hard – you got this!
Continue to build out and research the schools on your exploratory list. Remember to use all of the resources available to you. Click  HERE  to see some of CACG's favorite books and HERE for a list of helpful websites that can also support your search. Check to see if there are any colleges that will be visiting with your school or in your local area, in person or virtually. Click HERE for a list of questions that can be asked on tours, at info sessions, in interviews, and to current students or faculty.

In late October, Kristen attended the session Discovering U: A Session with the Deans, which was a conversation with the Deans of Admission from Columbia University, The University of Chicago, University of Texas at Austin, University of Michigan, and Yale University. Regarding the COVID-19 impact, they said: there are more conversations about trying to get to know applicants. They all talked about looking for applicants who are "inquisitive, changers, engaged, intellectual, and community-minded." Additionally, Kristen attended the HECA Webinar: Everything You Wanted to Know about the UC (University of California) Application But Were Afraid to Ask. This program went through the ins and outs of applying to the UC's. The 13 points of the comprehensive review were presented and discussed in great detail. 

Make sure you are taking the time to get to know your teachers as teacher recommendations are an important piece of the college application process. Take initiative and show responsibility in your academic and extracurricular commitments. Challenge yourself and look for ways to deepen your involvement. Colleges will be looking for commitment and achievement in their applicants.
As we near the midpoint of the year, it is a great time to create or update your resume. It is important to keep track of your accomplishments, summer experience, and extracurricular activities. Remain focused on deepening your involvement in both your academic and extracurriculars. Pursue leadership roles and look for ways to distinguish yourself.

If you have not already, start to develop a list of exploratory colleges and conduct preliminary research on schools you might be interested in attending. Click
 HERE to see some of CACG's favorite books and HERE for a list of helpful websites. If you have started this process, continue to build out a list of schools and get to know them in a meaningful way. It is not too early to start thinking about in person or virtual visits if time allows. Take a personality, interest, career, or values assessment to learn more about yourself, your strengths, and your natural tendencies. There are options if you are interested in a career focused test (email Kristen for an access code), personality based assessment, and ways to discover more about your learning style. Additionally, click HERE to find out your Harry Potter Hogwarts house like first year students at Duke University! 

School should remain a top priority as we near the midpoint of the year. Ensure that you are showing up on time, paying attention in class, and completing all of your assignments.  Start building out your resume. It is helpful to begin this process early in your high school career by keeping track of your school involvement and accomplishments, including extracurricular activities, summer experiences, and academic honors. Meet the school counselor at your high school and start building a relationship with them by meeting regularly. Remain focused on time management skills and consider creating a dedicated study time. Ask for help when you need it – parents, counselors, and teachers are here to support you!

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