May is a great time to complete some key action steps
in the college process, listed below for grades 9-12.
Kristen recently finished the book, Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be, and suggests it for both students and parents navigating the college process. Click HERE for a link to purchase the book.  

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As the end of the year and final exams rapidly approach, remember to stop and take a deep breath. This exercise can help you calm and center yourself. You got this!
While senior year is the conclusion of your high school career, remember that colleges and universities view it as a bridge to your time on their campuses. As you prepare for graduation, make sure you thank teachers and school counselors that were helpful during the college application process. 

Remember that colleges have the ability to rescind your admission, as it is contingent on your continued academic performance and successful completion of your senior year. Click HERE for some reminders on how to stay admitted. Keep active in school. Stay on track with grades and extracurriculars. Click HERE to read what admissions counselors have to say about how seniors should conclude their high school careers.

Finish strong! 
As the end the year approaches, finish your school year strong, get enough sleep, and fully engage in your eleventh-grade year! If you have not already, make sure you request two academic letters of recommendation. Occasionally, a third letter of recommendation may be appropriate - speak with the CACG team or your school counselor to discuss this option. 

The spring is a great time to set up and begin working on your Common Application. You can begin brainstorming ideas and create a working draft of your main Common Application essay. Click HERE to see the essay prompts. As you begin crafting your personal essay, click HERE for some things to keep in mind. 

Continue to conduct thoughtful research of schools on your list and make sure the list makes good sense for you - utilize research books, websites, virtual tours, and campus visits. Talk to current students at college, especially if they attend a school you are considering applying to. As time allows, begin to think about some college visits this summer! 
As the school year comes to a close, make sure you are planning to use your summer wisely. Do something you care about and look to create a meaningful summer for yourself. If time allows, the summer can be a great time to see a few college campuses - both in person and virtually!

Continue to craft and execute your standardized testing preparation plan. It can be very helpful to take mock tests, which can help you determine what standardized test might be best for you. Please ask the CACG team if you need help locating good practice test options! 

Thinking about playing your sport in college?  Read THIS for seven helpful tips to keep in mind!

Take time to reflect on your sophomore year and consider how you would like to finish this school year and head into your junior year. Now is a great time to set intentions and goals for 11th grade! 

As you approach the end of your first year of high school, make sure to finish the year strong. Begin to plan for tenth grade. Take a strong academic program that challenges you, but will also allow you to succeed. Think about taking advantage of your summer to do something you care about. If you are still developing your meaningful summer plans, click HERE for a list of summer programs you can explore and HERE for a helpful website that allows you to explore a variety of summer offerings. 

As a reminder, in March of 2024, the SAT will begin to be offered digitally. Click HERE for more information on the timeline for the rollout of the digital SAT. Click HERE to see what is changing on this new version of the test to be prepared. 

Work hard and enjoy the end of your first year - you got this!

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