Just two more chances to see "How to Be Wicked" at the Rogue Festival!
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Tonight and Saturday: Just two more chances to see "How to Be Wicked!"

Plus many more wonderful shows at the Rogue Festival!


Howdy, Jagkateers!

SRO!There are just two more performances of my Rogue show "How to Be Wicked!" Remaining showtimes are:

TONIGHT, Thursday, March 5, at 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 7, at 8 p.m.

I've had THREE SELL OUT SHOWS so far at the Rogue, and a hearty thank you to all you have seen the show! The pic shows last Saturday's Standing Room Only crowd.

These final two shows are going to fill up fast, so I strongly recommend you buy your tickets now on Ticketleap:

Plus there are many more great shows to see at the Rogue Festival this year! Here are some of the great shows I've seen so far:

A Girl's Guide to War: Funny, raucous, fierce, and wildly inventive and comic —one of the best shows I've seen in any Rogue. I've enlisted in Millicent's Army, and so should you!

Jill Vice: Tipped & Tipsy: Sharp, funny, and wickedly knowing, with a wonderful script and characters, plus Vice's one-woman performance brings those characters to life. If you've ever spent time in a bar, you'll want to see this show.

Dancing in the Mist: Rogue founder Marcel Nunis returns to the Rogue with this beautifully written and deeply moving play about a man taking care of his Alzheimer's-stricken mother and how he learns her deepest secret.

Play It Like Virgil: A beautifully played and performed piece that combines Tony Imperatrice's impeccable organ music with the fascinating life story of Virgil Fox, the world's greatest organist.

Heartbreak Velocity: Mia Paschal is pure poetry in this exquisite and fascinating spoken-word-and-movement piece about love, loss, spilling things, and the charming definitiveness of the Finnish language.

A One Way Ticket To Crazy Town: Les Kurkendaal is a very funny man, and this riotous monologue of how he saved his mother from the State of Texas is one of his best. A hilarious Scherazade about memory loss and the ties that bind parents and children.

That's what I've seen so far, but there are lot and lots of more great shows to see in this Rogue. More shows that I won't miss and you shouldn't either are Breaking Bange, The Trike Shop vs John Tesh & the Soft Rock Girlfriend, Still Shopping for God, The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour, Flower Tome Companion, Wet-Wired for Weird and much much more.

The Rogue ends this Saturday, so Get Your Rogue On!


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