This Saturday! Jaguar hosts an evening with those wacky Heydell Sisters

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This Saturday! Heydell Sisters Plus Jaguar Equals Comedy!

"A Stripped Down Evening with the Heydell Sisters," hosted by Jaguar Bennett

Saluton, Jaguaruloj!


The Heydell Sisters are an amazing comedy-country western duo whose sweet songs and humor will both lift your heart and touch you in a cruel, dark place. The Heydell Sisters were one of the hits of the 2015 Rogue, and they’re coming back this weekend to perform with your humble servant.


I’ll be hosting a special Stripped-Down evening with the Heydell Sisters this Saturday, May 9, at the Full Circle Brewing Co. way down in Chinatown. The Heydells will be doing fresh material you DIDN’T see at the Rogue Festival, with all the music and unscripted banter that didn’t make it into the Rogue!


Along the Heydell Sisters unique musical comedy stylings, I’ll be telling some truly inappropriate jokes about failure, death, marriage, being trapped in Fresno, and all the other feel-good messages you know you get from an evening with Jaguar Bennett.


Tickets are just $7, and a small sliver of the proceeds go to my favorite charity, the Keep-Jaguar-Drinking Fund. (Please remember, you can give generously to this fund at any time!)



Saturday, May 9


Full Circle Brewing Co.

620 F Street, Fresno, CA



For full details, visit the Facebook event page


And if you didn’t see the Heydell Sisters perform at the Rogue, there is also a special repeat performance of their hit Rogue show, "The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour" will be presented in encore at The Voice Shop on Sunday, May 10! For that show, see details here.

Let Jaguar whisper disgusting things in your ear!

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