EPIC 2020 - Explore and utilize untapped bioenergy resource potential of ports and surrounding areas by industrial symbiosis.
Welcome to this first issue EPIC 2020 newsletter!

EPIC 2020 addresses one of our big social challenges; our increasing demand and overconsumption of fossil based resources. This is off course a well-known problem, and there are many initiatives working on solutions to this problem – EPIC 2020 is one of them!
EPIC2020 aims to meet this challenge by exploring concepts of bio-based industrial symbiosis which implies that a number of industries interact in order to gain from each other’s flows of energy and material, such as biomasses and bioenergy resources. The project focuses on port and port regions since these areas are the crossing point between different transport modes, resources and supply chains. This means that despite the limited amount of land within the port, there is an enormous potential for untapped bioenergy resources. A more effective utilization of untapped flows can also create business opportunities that give existing companies a competitive edge, or make new establishments possible. A central point for success of the project is a high involvement of the local stakeholders and interaction among these stakeholders – by knowing your neighbors business, it is more likely that you will find an opportunity for cooperation, and cooperation is key!
The purpose of this first issue of the newsletter is to give a background to the project and a short introduction to the topic. For the coming issues we would like to share the results achieved within the project and at the different sites, and related news of interest. We hope you will find the project idea interesting and that you will follow us during this final year of the project. We will do our best to show our most interesting results, and also welcome any feedback you may have to our work. Enjoy your reading!

                                                                                                EPIC 2020 Project Team
The Industrial symbiosis concept
The EPIC 2020 Project implements the industrial symbiosis approach separated into four interconnected development work packages to meet local need with local capacities. EPIC2020 is expected to generate € 400 million in investments in the partner countries and 270,000 toe/year more in renewable energy production by 2020. 
The investments in technologies to convert existing bioresources, biowaste and other industrial waste products in cleaner energy solutions helps to establish new business with new jobs in future.   more >>

The Ports and Port regions
Port and PortRegions
Ports provide crossing points between different transport modes of goods and resources, and often therefore have access to:
  • Bio waste;
  • Surrounding bio-energy resources;
  • Biomass from crossing supply chains;
  • Energy from intensive activities.
With this in mind; Ports serve as ideal starting points for implementation of industrial symbiosis concepts.  Epic 2020 integrates four different port sites around Europe in an industrial symbiosis system.  The Ports of Malmoe (SE)Mantova (IT)Astakos (GR) and Wismar (DE) which will work together with expert organization and energy companies to integrate industrial areas and cities in a bio-energy symbiosis”.
May 26th, 2015 - Athens - Greece
“Bioeconomy& Industrial symbiosis: concepts for promoting sustainable growth and development”
The conference was organised by CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas), with the cooperation of AKARPORT S.A. The conference took place on Tuesday, 26th May 2015 at the Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens, as a parallel activity to the
Global Conference on Global Warming 2015 (GCGW-2015)
The conference is jointly organized in the framework of the European projects BERST (BioEconomy Regional Strategy Toolkit) and EPIC 2020  (Symbiotic bio-Energy Port Integration with Cities by 2020). The conference programme was divided in three sessions:
  • Session 1, focusing on the opportunities of using the results of the BERST project for promoting regional bioeconomy.
  • Session 2, presenting an introduction to the industrial symbiosis concept, especially as concerns its application to port sites and bioenergy and biomaterial resources, as well as the experiences and plans of the port sites participating at the EPIC2020 project.
  • Session 3, focusing on the status of Greek R&D on these sectors and the experiences and planning of Greek project partners from both projects.
June 15th 2015 – NAPA studies participation at the Port of Mantova 
The EU project EPIC 2020 (www.epic2020.eu) and its goals were presented to the NAPA-North Adriatic Port Association conference held at the Valdaro Business Centre located in the Port area of Mantova. The NAPA studies project aims to enpoer the inland navigation network and its links to the shipping corridors of EUROPE where EPIC 2020 promote the Industrial Symbiosis concept.
By the intervention of the local Project Manager of Mantova portsite Eng. Simone Stancari , the project was presented to the Port Authority representatives from Mantova, Rijeka, Koper and Venice.

June 18th 2015 - Sustainable energy production and economic support to agriculture supply: a real path to integrated growth

Within the task of promoting EU energy policies, AGIRE Energy Agency did share its most recent experience in participating in EU projects as a real opportunity for local municipalities, citizens and enterprises in the region.
 The conference, with the participation of Mr Marco Carra ( on the right side in the picture), Government Representative and member of the Italian Government's Agriculture Commitee, starting from municipal initiatives such as PAES and District Heating, did focus on the EU project EPIC 2020 by the intervention of the local Project Manager of Mantova portsite Eng. Simone Stancari.
The event was held at the Auditorium Frida Kahlo, San Giorgio (MN), at 20:30.Your text caption goes here. You can change the position and width of the caption from the block settings tab.
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July 5th and 6th 2015 - Lausanne - Switzerland
12th Industrial Symbiosis Research Symposium (ISRS)
The Industrial Symbiosis Research Symbiosis is an annual event held by the ISIE section on eco-industrial development and industrial symbiosis.
The symposium aims at bringing together researchers to exchange on current research activities and trends as well as to identify future research needs. The symposium is a unique opportunity to share recent information on field projects development in relation with research activities worldwide.

July 7-10th 2015 - Guildford - United Kingdom
ISIE conference 2015
The next in the International Society of Industrial Ecology’s series of biennial conferences will be held in between 7th and 10th of July 2015 at the University of Surrey. In an exciting addition to the usual platform and poster presentations of current research, there will be a series of presentations and panel discussions around the theme of the conference – “Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology”. These will review what industrial ecology has achieved so far, how it is being applied and how it needs to develop in future.
September 24th 2015 – Wismar – Germany
EPIC Workshop to local energy symbiosis in the industrial wood -cluster area together with the Wismarer business association and the Rostock freight port. The workshop will be held on Thursday, September 24th 2015 in the Technology Center, Alter Holzhafen 1, 23970 Wismar/Germany from 09:00 a.m.  to  03:00 p.m.
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