Hello families of FUMCC, 

If you have not already heard, our church will be closed this Sunday and for the Upcoming Week. You can find the official statement from Pastor Mike on our website. (If you are not already signed up for our church-wide email news, please email and we can sign you up. We will continue to send updates through email, the church Facebook and on the church website). We will provide an option for online worship, but I also wanted to provide spiritual development and other resources for your children and families during this time. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Stay healthy!
Addie Schmitz 
During the extended school break, I know families might get a little stir crazy and anxious. Here are some ideas: And just because school break is extended and we're self-isolating ourselves, we can still share God's love (and keep us busy!). I found this list of "Loving Your Neighbor during the COVID-19 Pandemic" and adapted it for our community:

  • Run errands for the elderly. 
  • Care for those who are sick with other diseases. 
  • Tip generously in all service industries- small businesses are being hit hard right now!
  • Donate goods to food pantries & shelters.
    • One place that you can donate food to is our church for the Weekend Food Program that will be working with GCISD Connect to help families and children in the district have food during this time. 
  • Write letters to those in Nursing Homes. They are especially at high risk- it will bring cheer into their day during this time of anxiety and fear. Or write letters/cards for those unable to work from home/take off of work (our nurses and doctors, firefighters, police officers, etc.) 
  • Check-in with friends who struggle with anxiety. 
  • Organize support for single mothers or working parents and families who live paycheck to paycheck and are struggling to find childcare during the extended break. 
  • Call and encourage those who are in self-quarantine. 
  • Wash your hands (!!) and sanitize every surface. 
  • Share only confirmed responsible info to reduce the spread of fear. 
I wanted to also provide you with the lesson I was going to teach in Children's Church this Sunday, in case you wanted to spend some time and go over it with your kids. With so much fear and anxiety about COVID-19 going around, I decided to do a lesson about 3 times Jesus healed the sick in Matthew. This will teach our kids that Jesus is stronger than anything- even sickness and fear! 

Children’s Church Lesson: Jesus Is Greater Than Sickness
Text: Matthew 8:1-17
Learning Objectives: After this lesson, children will demonstrate knowledge of the healing ministry of Jesus … by recalling the three miracles of healing in this story from memory.
Explanation: There are several major themes in this passage. The summary verse is Matthew 8:17 which explains that all this proves Jesus is the Promised Messiah. Jesus proves his authority over sickness and disease. Jesus gives a brief description of the Kingdom of heaven in verses 10-12. This is more than just going to heaven. This is the new creation where Jesus is King, and all things are made right.

Tell a story about a time when you were sick. Tell the children that even the strongest adults can become very weak when they get sick. Disease and sickness are very strong. But in our story today we will see that Jesus is much greater than sickness.

Active Listening: Ask the children to listen carefully for the three people Jesus heals in this passage. Tell them you will ask them to tell the story back when you are done.

Read (and summarize) Matthew 8:1-17. 

Ask for reports: What three miracles did Jesus do in this passage?
  • Jesus healed a leper by touching him.
  • Jesus healed a centurion’s servant from the other side of town, just by saying he was healed.
  • Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law by touching her hand.

Yes or No: Ask the children to stand up if these were things Jesus did in this story. If they are not in the story the children should stay seated with arms crossed.
  • Did he fight against the temptations of the Devil?
  • Did Jesus heal Peter’s mother-in-law?
  • Did Jesus heal a soldier’s servant from the other side of the city?
  • Did Jesus turn water into wine?
  • Did Jesus heal a leper in this story?
  • Did Jesus clear the money-changers out of the Temple?
How can it help us to know that Jesus is greater than sickness?
  • Possible answers:
    • We can trust him more when we pray.
    • We can look forward to the Kingdom of heaven.
    • We don’t have to be afraid, because Jesus is in charge.
How can you show your faith that Jesus is greater than sickness?

Prayer: Jesus, we thank you for Your power and that you are stronger than all sickness. We pray that you be with all those that are sick right now and keep others well. We pray that your peace overcome the fear in our communities right now. We love you, Amen. 


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