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MA Update October 2015

Report from Executive Director Rev. Dr. Preston Graham


How often do we really consider the impact of Christ’s ascension in our lives?  In the absence of Christ, where is his “flesh?”  How can we really partake of him, now, under his ascension ministry today?  Are we merely to remember him and live by the light of his memory?  Or can we feel the heat of his presence still? 

These are the questions that consume MA, the answers of which are celebrated in the birth of every gospel centered and apostolic church.  Two such birth stories are represented in this issue of our monthly MA Update, each at different stages of the gestation continuum (see the Local and Global Reports below).  The answers to our questions are also embedded in the surprise letter that Christian’s throughout the world are writing these days.  Check out "Second Look:The Letter" below!

Affectionately and Enthusiastically, 

Rev. Dr. Preston Graham
Executive Director, Mission Anabaino
Sr. Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church New Haven

Second Look: The Letter
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The End of the Beginning
Churchill:  "Now this is not the end.  It is not even the beginning of the end.  But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."
On May 31, 2015, after years of being a mission church, Christ the Shepherd attained the status of "Particular Church" (our denomination's designation for a church that is governed by its own elders elected from its own congregation).  This was a great day for us and, we trust and hope, a great day for the city of Danbury.  We are thankful to Christ Presbyterian Church for their encouragement and assistance along the way.  This church plant was begun prior to the formation of Mission Anabaino, and was brought under the MA umbrella a few years ago.  Our theological underpinnings have been shaped by MA.
While we were able to sit back for a day, take a deep breath, and thank God for His help as Christ the Shepherd Church reached the pivotal point of particularization, we know that the work here is not over.  It is really just beginning, as we seek to glorify God in this city that we love.
-Rev. David Hutchinson

Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church
Danbury, CT
Rev. David Hutchinson



CPC the Hill
New Haven, CT

Interim Pastor Rev. Chip Anderson

CPC Fairfield
Fairfield, CT
Rev. Andrew Holbrook

Good morning MA!  Thanks for allowing me to report on the progress of the Gospel and the bride in Spokane, Washington through the work of Coram Deo Presbyterian Church.  We initiated public worship officially October 4th to great relief, interest, and enthusiasm within the church.  The brightness of the morning represented well the anticipation of the hope of Christ toward our Spokane.  It was our fourth Sunday of morning worship in our new space, Jefferson Elementary School.  It is amazing what a morning hour and the morning light can do to the "feel" of worship.  Our congregation is responding well to the demands of setting up and tearing down our "stuff."  We are still working on the kinks and trying to get the amount of time it takes, but it has been encouraging to see people respond and take responsibility.  Each week we have seen visitors which has also been encouraging.  They have come due to the website or walking by and seeing the signage or even through our neighborhood BBQ.  It has show us God's grace in making all the "work" and money it has taken to get ready for morning worship worth it!  We need to make the move.

The day also highlighted the introduction of Matt Bostrom and his wife, Callie, as our new assistant pastor focusing on university outreach and young adult discipleship.  Matt attended Colorado State University and Callie attended Belhaven University.  They were both heavily involved with RUF during their college year, and then serving as interns following graduation.

The primary focus, with Coram Deo, this fall is going to be implementing formal leadership development, adult education that will focus on covenant theology as a means to comprehend and approach all of scripture as good, and also focus upon inviting families to explore the church resulting in the obvious emphasis of the children in our covenantal convictions.  We also have several events coming annual Christmas open house, a Women's cookie exchange, and a Christmas Eve service.  We also have a weekly Men's prayer early in the mornings as well as a weekly Women's bible study.

-Rev. Kyle Parker

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church
Spokane, WA
Rev. Kyle Parker


First Presbyterian Church of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Rev. Christopher Robins

Hope Presbyterian Church
Bloomington, IN
Rev. Dan Herron

New Hope Haitian Church
Mirebalais, Haiti
Rev. Marcel Baptiste

Christ Church Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
Rev. Jon Talley

New City Presbyterian Church
South Bend, IN
Rev. Luke Potter
In 1 John 5:14-15, we are reminded that when we ask anything that is according to God's will, that God uses prayer as one of the means to accomplish his will.  We are assured in scripture that church planting is God's will (even if the specifics are left to God's continued wisdom).  Please pray for Mission Anabaino - that it will be about Christ, his glory, his life giving presence, and his harvest on earth as in heaven!

We also know that Paul wrote perhaps his greatest treatise on the gospel, at least in part, as a support letter in his vision to plant churches in the unreached area of Spain “by way of you” (Rom. 1:15:14-28). Ever since, church planting has been “by way of” (Rom 15:28) those who are willing to invest their time, talent, and treasure.

In short, Mission Anabaino cannot proceed with its ambitious church planting and empowerment plans without financial partners. An investment in MA either through general support or designated to one of its specific projects is indeed an investment in the very epicenter of Christ’s saving presence on earth “against which even the gates of hell will not prevail” (Mt. 16:18)!

If interested you may give online or by check made out and mailed to Christ Presbyertian Church at 135 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510.   Please write "Mission Anabaino" in the memo line of the check.
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