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“Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to that arrogant oligarchy who merely happen to be walking around.” G.K. Chesterton

MA Newsletter

February 2015


The CPC Session approved THREE new Mission Anabaino Global Church Plant Sites at their meeting in January ( with San Francisco, CA, Spokane, WA and Mirebalais, Haiti making six MA Global sites in total).

Please welcome (i) Luke Potter a soon-to-be ordained pastor or in  the EPC Denomination in South Bend Indiana, (ii) Dan Herron in Bloomington, Indiana and (iii) Jon Talley in Milwaukee, WI. All three are enthusiastic proponents of MA’s Five Mark/Total Christ missional ecclesiology.



CPC/MA is continuing its nationwide search for an Executive Director for our to-be-established Church-Based Christian Counseling Center. We are currently in early discussions with a promising candidate, whom, if selected, could fill the position relatively quickly. The job posting and the Center's concept description and Core Values are available both here and the MA website.

Please continue to pray for a successful recruiting and engagement process for the Center's new Executive Director.

CPC The Hill

Chip Anderson, Interim Pastor at CPC in the Hill, with his wife Lisa, continue to be enthusiastically engaged in the worship and ministry activities in the Hill.  Even in these winter months, weekly Men’s and Women’s prayer and Bible study meetings enjoy loyal followings as do once-monthly Discipleship, Reflection and Planning meetings.

For the benefit and enjoyment of all, regular attenders are increasingly participating in various components (e.g. technology, song choices, scripture reading) of the weekly worship service.   Weekly home visits, monthly field trips and weekend shopping excursions have become a well received, regular part of Hill church life.

Upcoming events include a Valentines Party for the children, a February school break Youth trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA and a pre-spring cookout at the Andersons.

Please pray for spiritual growth and continuing Christ-centered, joy-filled activity and worship calendars in the Hill church during this winter season, comfort and wisdom to flow out of the in-home visits Chip makes every week for both the members of the congregation and the un-churched in the Hill neighborhood, and a deepening sense of family within the congregation.

Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church

David Hutchinson, Pastor of Danbury's Christ the Shepherd Church (CtS), reports that weekly discipleship and Bible study meetings remain popular, Sunday worship attendance is averaging above 45, tithes and offerings are stable, the church building continues to enjoy a steady stream of repairs and upgrades and there is great enthusiasm around 8 new members joining the church on the 22nd of February.  

David asks prayer for (i) continued productive leadership training for the church’s  elder candidate, Mark Anderson, (ii) effective programs to create a steady stream of new visitors, (iii) adequate advance time weekly for sermon and worship preparation to create smoothly delivered Sunday Services, (iv) a growing of time, talent and treasure commitments from regular Sunday attenders. 

Mission Anabaino

In two, just passed, monthly video meetings with MA Global Collaborators there was a unanimous request for prayer for each pastor’s marriage and family relationships coming out of a complex and extraordinarily busy Holiday Season and start-up of the new calendar year.

Glory San Francisco

Chris Robins, MA Church planter/collaborator in San Francisco shares a praise for finding worship and meeting space in downtown San Francisco and  requests prayer for continued growth and strengthening of the Glory San Francisco core group, success in fundraising and outreach, finding worship space as they are rapidly outgrowing their living room for Bible Study.

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church

Kyle Parker, MA church planter/collaborator in Spokane shares a praise for good news on the medical front with several medical concerns involving his family and asks for continued prayer for God’s Grace and wisdom in growing his newly established congregation, success in fundraising,ongoing discussions with a church planter candidate considering a move to Spokane, the continued health and well-being of his family, and patience in dealing with the many issues confronting his church plant.

New Hope Presbyterian Church in Mirebalais, Haiti

With the help of the South Florida Presbytery, Mission Anabaino is in the midst of sorting out the issues related to successfully re-starting robust worship services at our sponsored New Hope Presbyterian Church in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Please pray for a thoughtful and lasting resolution, soon, to the outstanding questions that remain in the way of restarting worship services.

South Bend Church Plant

Luke Potter, MA’s new Global Church Plant Site pastor in South Bend requests prayer for a successful ordination process, growth and strengthening in his Core Group Bible Study, fundraising, more meaningful contact with neighbors and the spiritual and physical well-being of his family.

Dan Herron, MA’s new Global Church Plant Site pastor in Bloomington, IN shares a praise for the significantly successful Visioning and Planning meeting involving 30 in his congregation in January and asks for prayer for energy and patience in growing his ministry.


Please pray for (i) a smooth transition for Andrew Holbrook and his family as deals with fundraising and the many issues related to relocating to the greater New Haven area over the next 15 months (ii) a successful interview visit to CPC for local church planter intern candidate, Louis Suprenant and wife Jamie on the 19th to the 22nd of February, (iii) strengthening of communications and relationships with seminaries, RUF, MA Collaborators, and individuals that would produce a continuous stream of qualified local church planter intern candidates during 2015 and (iv) continued successful monthly meetings and deepening personal and spiritual relationships among local and global MA collaborators.

Also please pray for the successful execution of Mission Anabaino's fundraising efforts to support the ministry’s operations. 

For questions or comments please contact:
Charles Olcott
Executive Director
Mission Anabaino

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