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Dear alumni and friends of CPC New Haven and Mission Anabaino,  


As we have been engaged in a growing “Total Christ” movement in church planting and missional collaboration, we are discovering that there are an amazing number of people who upon hearing about our distinctives intuitively desire to participate.  We suspect that this might include you, but if not, we certainly understand as there are many great causes to support “out there,” your local church first and foremost!  But will you give us a quick review?

 We have attached a short reader-friendly brochure that will introduce you to the vitals of the Mission Anabaino (MA) movement including the meaning of “Anabaino” (MA) and “total Christ” spirituality applied to the planting of  “five mark” churches in frontier regions of Christendom—both nationally and internationally.  You may also visit our website.

At the heart of this movement is a desire to be Christ Centered!  Not just motivationally, but also theologically, strategically, and hermeneutically (as in how we read the Bible to formulate our theology and strategy).  It is a movement that is rediscovering the implications of ascension Christology applied to the church and church planting in frontier regions of Christendom especially.  

One compelling aspect of a Christ centered vision is the reunification of spiritual sympathies that have been historically polarized.  For instance, MA is developing a missional strategy that is both  “high gospel” (covenantal) and “high church” (temple) -- or a western focused forensic spirituality and eastern focused presence spirituality respectively.  Likewise, our vision for a healthy church wants to emphasize  the ministries of “word/teaching” and “sacramental/contemplative” and “communal/shepherding” -- all at once!  In other words, we want the fullness of Christ's ascension ministry as our Prophet, Priest, and King or “Total Christ” as once envisioned by the 5th century theologian-pastor St. Augustine:  "The Word was made flesh, and dwelled among us; to that flesh is joined the church, and there is made the whole Christ, head and body." - St. Augustine, On the Epistle of John

Would you take a look at the attached brochure?  And if you are interested, you will know what to do.  And of course, if you think of someone else that might find all of this interesting, please forward it along!   

I am most appreciatively yours, 

Rev. Dr. Preston Graham Jr.
Executive Director, Mission Anabaino
Sr. Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church New Haven

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Annie McHugh
Executive Assistant
Mission Anabaino

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