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MA Update November 2015

Report from Executive Director Rev. Dr. Preston Graham


Dear Supporters and Friends of MA,

This, like all our monthly updates, wants to give you a peek into what God is doing in Mission Anabaino.   As through a window of transcendence, we see from our earthly vantage point what Christ is doing in his ascension ministry as mystically transacted “on earth as it is in heaven” (c.f. Mt 16:19, Eph 1:15-23).   For in the words of T. F. Torrance:

"The spirit operates by creation out of the word, a body which St. Paul calls the Body of Christ… As such, this body becomes matched to Christ's head as His vis-à-vis in history and as the instrument of His saving purpose in the Gospel.  It is the sphere where through the presence of the Spirit the salvation events of the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension are operative here and now in history, the sphere wherever within the old creation the new creation has broken in with power."  

-Thomas F. Torrance, Royal Priesthood

I know!  This is a quote you have to read several times to truly comprehend.  But so too, the mystery of Christ’s sacramental union with his church is hard to wrap our heads around, but observed each and every time a church is birthed.  Most of MA’s stories are about the births of churches that you support by prayer and financial assistance!   I hope then you will be encouraged to peek as through a foggy window perhaps into two very different birth stories—one an inner-city low-income church plant in New Haven, the other a center-city young millennial urban facing church plant in San Francisco.  

As you pray for these and the many other initiatives noted in this update, please be in prayer for a core group that is currently meeting in Ndola, Zambia, led by evangelist-church planter Lawrence Temfwe.   This group is using the MA website to study Confessional Theology in their desire to launch a “Total Christ” church in this strategic college town of Zambia.   Pray as I meet with them by monthly video-conference, and the plan for me to meet with them and teach in a local seminary in May.  Likewise, pray for an emerging core group in the college town of Kalamazoo, MI as they too study together the Total Christ theology and values in route to becoming an MA church plant.  

We can be encouraged to see such evidence of a growing movement in Total Christ collaboration and church planting as long as it really is about Christ!  For more on the MA training classes that these and other groups are utilizing online, visit the Training section of the MA website.

Affectionately and Enthusiastically, 

Rev. Dr. Preston Graham
Executive Director, Mission Anabaino
Sr. Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church New Haven

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Quote from Rev. Dan Herron, MA Church Planter
“No other church does this.”
I’ve heard this a number times over the last year.
If one thing stands out over this past year, it is the amazing ability of the Hill church to connect with its community. I have come to truly appreciate the core group here at Christ Presbyterian Church in The Hill. This small group of people a year ago, a little confused, hurt, skeptical, yet still discipled well (thanks Pastor Tolivar!) to be a family and be focused on loving their neighbors, moved forward in confidence that Christ was still in their midst. The core group has been able to maintain its weekly Sunday worship, its discipleship and Bible studies, and, as well, sustained its impact on the community through events and activities. Almost without fail, at a community event or activity, someone would approach me to say they appreciate how we “get into the neighborhood and love the people.”
Christ Presbyterian Church in The Hill has maintained and even strengthened its connection to its neighborhood, the Hill community of New Haven, CT. Throughout the past year, events like fall leaf raking, the Christmas store, movie nights, ladies Bible study, and the summer Impact Mercy week soccer camp continued to make an impact in the community. The summer “In His Midst” park BBQ ministry saw between 50-60 people each week at Trowbridge Square Park, for hot dogs and hamburgers, a park sermon, prayer, and some neighborly fellowship. To celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of school for our kids, the Hill Church hosted a neighborhood sidewalk BBQ down the street from our place of worship at the home of one of our members. We sent letters to all the summer soccer camp families, went up and down the street inviting everyone sitting on their porches and front steps, and told people walking by on the sidewalk to join us. In the end we saw easily over 120 people stop by—they ate, we talked, shared our stories and listened to theirs, and shared the love of Jesus with our neighbors.
As the summer came to a close and the fall has dawned upon us, we have seen an increase in participation at worship, ladies Bible Study, and fellowship events—some new people and some finally returning. The core group and some of the newer families have begun to meet each month to plan for future events and other ways to reach our Hill neighbors with the gospel. CPC in The Hill is truly a community-focused congregation, seeking ways to be Christ in the midst of their neighbor’s lives.
- Rev. Chip Anderson

CPC the Hill
New Haven, CT

Interim Pastor Rev. Chip Anderson


Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church
Danbury, CT
Rev. David Hutchinson


CPC Fairfield
Fairfield, CT
Rev. Andrew Holbrook

The Fall began with a vision-focused Sunday worship on 9/13, gathering us around our new name, First Presbyterian Church of San Francisco. It's been a good 10 months since our first worship in our new space. We've grown to over 30 adults now, and every week brings new visitors - some as transplants and others just curious about a new church in the city. We're going through the book of Mark together and it's been wonderful.
The name made an odd kind of sense. Historicity and clear identity is something that folks in our city find stabilizing. "First" is not a boast or a desire to be before others. This idea of firstness is about the first church, the way it's described in Acts 2:42. This is a firstness that we pray will be the first of many churches across the city. This describes a commitment to first things.
A bible study group began on Tuesday nights going through the book of Samuel and that's been well attended, gathering its own momentum. It's become a place where intimacy and community are growing for us, with new people connecting. I've also been using a bible study through the book of John as an evangelistic outreach opportunity with 4 different men right now.
The first several picture are where we're worshiping now, and the last 3 are from our vision Sunday.
-Rev. Christopher Robins


First Presbyterian Church of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Rev. Christopher Robins


Hope Presbyterian Church
Bloomington, IN
Rev. Dan Herron

New Hope Haitian Church
Mirebalais, Haiti
Rev. Marcel Baptiste

Christ Church Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
Rev. Jon Talley

New City Presbyterian Church
South Bend, IN
Rev. Luke Potter

Coram Deo Presbyterian Church
Spokane, WA
Rev. Kyle Parker
In 1 John 5:14-15, we are reminded that when we ask anything that is according to God's will, that God uses prayer as one of the means to accomplish his will.  We are assured in scripture that church planting is God's will (even if the specifics are left to God's continued wisdom).  Please pray for Mission Anabaino - that it will be about Christ, his glory, his life giving presence, and his harvest on earth as in heaven!

We also know that Paul wrote perhaps his greatest treatise on the gospel, at least in part, as a support letter in his vision to plant churches in the unreached area of Spain “by way of you” (Rom. 1:15:14-28). Ever since, church planting has been “by way of” (Rom 15:28) those who are willing to invest their time, talent, and treasure.

In short, Mission Anabaino cannot proceed with its ambitious church planting and empowerment plans without financial partners. An investment in MA either through general support or designated to one of its specific projects is indeed an investment in the very epicenter of Christ’s saving presence on earth “against which even the gates of hell will not prevail” (Mt. 16:18)!

If interested you may give online or by check made out and mailed to Christ Presbyertian Church at 135 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510.   Please write "Mission Anabaino" in the memo line of the check.
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