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Turn With Independence

August 2018
Offcuts from the Board
August 2018
            As woodturners, we do not have much scrap, just smaller pieces that can be used together to make something larger in combination with other bits and pieces. That's what this little section attempts to produce. By adding the small parts of our activities and plans we have a combined bigger picture of opportunities to take part in within the club.
  • This month’s Open Shop will be held at the normally scheduled time and date on Aug 18th at Metro Hardwoods from 10 AM to 12 noon. 
  • The Demo challenge will be a newly turned ring. It can be solid or have the stainless steel insert, with or without inlays of all various types. 
  • Begin your planning for the annual creativity contest. See the article about it later in this newsletter. (There is a little different twist to it this time, so check it out.) 
  • There are many ways you can contribute to the life of our club. A really good way is to partake in the Open Shop by bringing a project or turning and get a lathe going. Another  way is to submit your woodturning tips also for the newsletter. (Refer to the article later.) Of course there are many other ways to put your enthusiasm into action. You can ask any officer for direction. There are many practical ways to be involved. A simple way to help is to come early to the meeting and help set up the room for the meeting and/or stay afterwards and help clean up. Either or both are appreciated. 
Keep turning safely and we’ll see you at the meeting.

Our Last Meeting

      Mikeal Jones demonstrated turning a wooden ring with a twisted wire insert. Mike started out by gluing the ring blank on a waste block held in his scroll chuck. He rough turned the outside then drilled a 1/2 in. hole in the center and proceeded to widen it to the appropriate ring size. He explained that, amazingly, there are only about 15 thousandths of an inch difference between each ring size. So, slow going and frequent measurements are the rule of the day. After getting the size, he turned the outside to the close size and put a grove in the center for the wire insert. Mike twisted the wire then flattened it, and cut it to length to fit in the grove. He had made a modification to a small hose clamp to allow him to observe the butt joint of the wire when gluing it in place with CA glue.
      Thank you Mike for your time and sharing with us.  

       The demo challenge for this demo will be to turn a ring with (or without) some sort of inlay. 


Some of Mike's handiwork. 


     The video of each meetings' demo are available in the library on DVD to be checked out  by members. Also, the video will be available online at; YouTube Indep Woodturners      
The video for this demo can be viewed at:   Mikeal Jones wooden ring 


Trusted Turning Tips

     Submit your tips for this column and win a $10 gift certificate from Craft Supplies, USA if it is published here in the newsletter. You may submit your tip to Mel Bryan at or

Now for this month's tip:  
        Wood Hardener Rescues Spalted Wood 

     Because spalted wood is soft and tends to tear out on the lathe, try soaking the wood in a solution of 50 percent white glue and 50 percent water. Soak the turning stock for several hours or even overnight. Let dry then turn as normal. The water helps the glue to soak deeper than normal to stabilize the wood. 
     This also helps seal end cracks in some wood. Soaking them overnight or longer might be necessary. In many instances, the water swells the cracks closed and the glue keeps them from opening back up.

    This tip was taken from the AAW "Thirty Top Shop Tips" and written by, S. Gary Roberts, Austin, TX. 

A ball glove mallet by Gary Elsworth
A Maple bowl by Phil Seaton

Demo challenge yellow heart egg by Bill Corteville


Butternut bowl by Bill Corteville 
Cherry vase embellished with pyrography by Phil Royer

Officers contact info


Don Bird

(816) 377-2752

Vice President

Vaughn Bradley

(816) 589-1325 


Gary Gahm

(816) 313-5065


Mel Bryan

(816) 524-7767

Director at Large

Bill Baker

(816) 836-5656


Where We Meet

Metro Hardwoods

4243 S. Noland Rd
Independence, Mo.

Click: for a map


Upcoming Events

Aug  18   
 Open Shop
         At Metro Hardwoods
         From 10 AM to 12 Noon

Aug 21   
 Monthly meeting
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM

Sep  15   
 Open Shop
         At Metro Hardwoods
         From 10 AM to 12 Noon

Sep  18   
 Monthly meeting -
         Metro Hardwoods
         7 PM to 9 PM


Monthly Open Shop
    This month Open Shop will be on Aug 18th at Metro Hardwoods from 10 AM to 12 noon as usual.  This month the agenda of Open Shop is completely open, so come on in and get acquainted with your new lathe! Get you hands on it and test out it's features that have been lacking on the old one. That also means that there is another lathe available so we can make more shavings and more people can turn at the same time.  But, if you have something that someone can help you on, we'll work on that also.
     Open Shop is the opportunity for any member to come together with other members where we can help each other learn, practice, work on a special project, get to know each other, make connections and share your experience with others that can benefit from it. The best way to learn is by helping others and asking questions, so, take advantage of the experience of others and if we don't know, we can all learn together. 

    Keep turning and be safe. See you at Open Shop.


Upcoming August Meeting 

         This month David Bartlett will be the demonstrator. More than likely, he will show us how to turn a four-cornered, winged bowl. If a box can be turned on a lathe and be round, yes, a bowl can have corners. Let's see how he does it. 

Treasurers Report

  Treasurer's Report  
  As of July 31, 2018  
        July 18 YTD  2018  
  GENERAL Account


Coffee & cookies
Lathe & accessories
Supplies & Misc  
Lathe Fund
Available Funds
Mel Bryan, Treasurer
Turning to the Library.
     As a reminder, be sure to take advantage of the fact that our monthly demonstrations are not only in our library on DVD discs, but are posted on You Tube.  One advantage is that the most recent demo will be on You Tube faster than it shows up in our library.  This is true for most of the demos done this year. Simply go to the You Tube site on your computer, tablet, iPad or smart phone and in the search box, search for  “Indep Woodturners” and the topic in which you are interested. And usually, the first item in the search results will be our YouTube channel which when you click on it you will get our channel with all the videos. Not only will the video of our demo show up, but related videos will show on the screen for later viewing.
          Don’t forget to check the inventory of our library as we are regularly adding new items.            

---  John Thornton, Librarian

Pass it On

     We have been blessed with a gift.  We can take a piece of wood – any wood, any size, shape, virtually any condition – and make it into something beautiful and/or useful by using a handful of tools.  We also use knowledge that has been passed on to us by others over time.  It may have been received from our parents or formal teachers or even from YouTube.  For me and some others, it was from attending club meetings and listening to and observing those among us who had knowledge to pass on.  We learn so much from each other over time that our personal knowledge base is priceless. 
     Occasionally, we get to pass our knowledge on to those that are outside of “our world”.  We do so each year at the Woodworking Show.  A couple of years ago, we did so at Burr Oak Woods Park in Blue Springs at the invitation of the Conservation Department.  Each time, we talked to people who do not turn.  Some had never even seen a lathe or knew what they do.  Kids asked the most questions, but only when the lathe was not running.  When it was, they did not speak or move – they just stood still, wide eyed and soaked in what we were doing.  When you gave them the top or snowman ornament or tree, they would smile from ear to ear.
     More recently, we just completed our second year of teaching pen turning at Camp Tomah Shinga.  We did a quick class on safety and tool basics and then stood next to each camper to guide and instruct.  They did all of the turning and sanding themselves.  As each camper designed their own perfect pen and completed it, the ear to ear smiles were contagious among them, the camp staff and us as well.  This year, we had a few kids that had used lathes in school, but most had never touched one.  Whether they were from country farms or the inner city, the smiles were the same.  We had boys and girls.  We had ones with special needs.  We even had one born with only one leg and no hands.  He made his own pen by resting his partial leg on a chair and holding a roughing gouge between his two arm stumps and having a blast.  His smile was perhaps the biggest one of all.  We even had one of the counselors tell us that he had so much fun making a pen during our first trip two years ago, he bought his own lathe and is now making game calls.  You just never know what kind of impact passing it on will have.
     By just spending a little time and effort, we can continue to pass on what we know about what many consider to be a dying craft.  Not that many schools teach this to kids anymore.  It is considered “irrelevant” by many and so the money and time gets poured into computers instead.  Nothing wrong with computers (perhaps that is debatable), but I have never seen a smile like these when someone wins a computer game.  Our club needs to, and will, continue to look for opportunities to grow and expand and pass on what we know.  We are planning to do the camp again next year (they have already asked us to), but we are also open to others events.  If you know of an opportunity or have any ideas, please let a member of the board know and we will look into it and see if it is something that we are able to do or help with.  As a club, as well as individuals, we must continue to pass it on and keep this “dying craft” going for future generations.  The smiles you will get are more than worth the effort.

Written and submitted by Bill Baker
Annual Creativity Contest
    This year the annual creativity contest will have a small modification in that instead of receiving a piece of wood at the club, you may use your own choice of wood supplied by yourself. All the same rules will still apply;
   1. Only 1 to 1 1/2 board feet of wood
    2. Use only wood. No kits, or additional hardware or accessories 
    3. May be stained, painted, or otherwise decorated and finished. (Including, pyrography, texturing, piercing, carving, or such)
    Since you can furnish your own wood, we would like for you to take a picture of the wood before you begin if possible. 
   A signup sheet will be available at the meeting to enter the contest.
   The first prize will be a $50 bill. And the second prize will be a $20 gift certificate to Metro Hardwoods.
   The contest will take place at the October meeting. 

Potpourri vessel by Ron Bruno
Glass lidded box of purple heart by Ron Bruno

Demo challenge vase by Ron Bruno and decorated by Kathy Bruno

A maple potpourri box also by Ron Bruno 

A "found wood" natural edge bowl by Dave Burton

Fishing lures by Bill Boyle 
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